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News: Sensus Smart Guitar details


MIND MUSIC Labs releases the first music video showing the full potential of SENSUS Smart Guitar and announces the entry of Mats Georgson and Thomas Nordegg in its team.

May 4 – Stockholm, Sweden

MIND Music Labs (, the Italian-Swedish startup that last November presented the world's first real Smart Guitar at Dublin's Web Summit, just released the first video of a full-fledged Smart Guitar performance.

The video reveals the full expressive potential of the instrument, which allows guitar players to use infinite modulations and effects, switching between electro-acoustic and electronic sounds in real time and in a natural way without the help of any accessory or computer. The music in the video is produced and performed live by Valerio Fuiano, professional guitar player and music producer.

SENSUS Smart Guitar Performance

MIND Music Labs also announced that the business angels already involved in the company renewed their trust in it with a new round of investment, and that new key people from the tech and music world joined MIND's team: Mats Georgson and Thomas Nordegg.

Mats Georgson, former Global Brand Director for Ericsson and founder of the Bluetooth brand, enters MIND's investors' team and joins

Jacob Key - former VP at Warner Music,

Ludvig Linge - Board Member of Pacemaker,

Per Brilioth - CEO of Vostok New Ventures LTD and

Marcelo Benitez - founder of Proaltus Capital Partners S.L.

Thomas Nordegg - one of the top guitar techs in the music world - already consultant for Frank Zappa, Duran Duran, Toto, and, for the past 25 years, for the guitar legend Steve Vai - joins the development team as technical advisor.

"The trust of our investors and of living legends from the tech and music world is a clear sign that the direction MIND took is the right one to bring musical instruments to the next step of their evolution", says MIND's founder Michele Benincaso.

About SENSUS Smart Guitar:

SENSUS is, at the same time, a guitar, a 360° wireless music system and a smart IoT device. It allows players to add infinite modulations and effects to their music, stream and play directly on their favorite songs, jam with friends at a distance and share their performances on the most popular social networks. Sensus was developed from an idea of Michele Benincaso, an Italian Maestro from Cremona's Antonio Stradivari School, with the help of Italian scientists and artists. Among them are Carlo Fischione, Professor in IoT technologies currently affiliated with MIT and Harvard, Luca Turchet, an expert in Electronic Music and Human-Computer Interaction and Stefano Zambon, embedded systems designer with a broad experience in digital musical instruments.

Kathy Dickson: Revolutionize Your Sound with These Percussive Tricks

Revolutionize Your Sound with These Percussive Tricks
Whatever your style of music, incorporating percussive effects into your playing will add variation and make your sound way more interesting. Instead of just strumming or plucking your instrument in the conventional way, you can add a slap here, a scratch there, and create a rhythm section to approximate the feel of a band without the need of a bass player or drummer.

Many talented guitarists like Kaki King, Daryl Kellie 

John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Andy McKee

James Taylor, Jon Gomm

, Jimi Hendrix, JJ Cale, and others use percussive techniques to create mesmerizing waves of sound with just two hands. Let's take a look at four of these effects and how they can work to take
your playing to the next level.

Slap Technique
Slap is the method of whacking the guitar strings to get a percussive sound. It can take on many forms using the different parts of your hand. Slap technique is commonly used with pull-offs and hammer-ons to help increase playing speed.

To slap, angle your hand and wrist so that your thumb naturally rests parallel to the strings. This angle gives your thumb easy access to the lower strings for slapping and your fingers easy access to the higher ones for picking.

Let's try it. Using the knuckle of your thumb, thump or slap the low E string. Bounce the thumb fast on the string, leaving the string as rapidly as you hit it. Expect your thumb to get a little sore when you first take up slapping, but just as you developed calluses on your fingertips when you started playing notes, your slapping thumb will toughen up too.

Another method of executing slap technique is to slap your strumming hand across all the strings at once. Try this with the palm of your hand flat against the strings. You don't have to do it very hard, just hard enough to deaden the strings.

You can also slap the strings with the side of your picking hand between the pinky and wrist, coming down like a karate chop between the sound hole and the bridge. This will mute the strings and give them that chunky sound.

Yet another way to slap is to hit the strings with your strumming hand balled into a loose fist, like you're holding a microphone, with the thumb tip lightly touching the fingertips. Hit the strings with the part of the fingers between fingernail and Try slapping at different points between the bridge and neck of the guitar for more or less treble sound. Obviously, how hard you slap the strings will dictate how much slap effect you get.

Pop Technique
The other component to slapping is popping, where you slap the lower strings with the thumb and then pluck or pop the higher strings with either the first (index) or second (middle) finger. To pop a string, place your index or middle finger of your strumming hand part way under the string, just enough to grab it, pull the string out lightly and then let it snap back against the fretboard.

Knock Technique
For a deeper, more resounding percussive effect from the guitar body, try the bone-on- wood sound of knocking on the guitar body. Knocking works especially well on acoustic and classical guitars, where the bodies are hollow, but it can be done on electrics as well. Knocking on the guitar using different parts of your fingers and hand against different parts of the guitar body will give you the most drum-like effect of all percussive techniques.

You can use your fingertips or the pads of your fingers to knock and rap against the body of the guitar. You can also use your knuckles, open palm, or the heel of You can knock the top corner area of the guitar, the bottom right corner, the sides, or just about anywhere you can get your hand to without disrupting the beat. Each part of the guitar sounds a little different, so experiment in different places on the guitar's body.

Scratch Technique
Scratching is the act of strumming completely muted strings, which can be done by lightly placing your fretting hand over all the strings, silencing the notes from being played.

There are a few things to know in order to scratch correctly. Alternate picking is one of them. If you haven't already mastered this skill, do so. Another skill you need to master is damping or muting the strings. You don't want to press your fingers down too hard on the fretboard or the notes on those frets will ring out. At the same time, if you press down too lightly, the open strings will ring out. The key to damping is to find the middle ground, the place where the strings are muted
just right to produce an actual scratching sound.

To scratch, mute all six strings by laying the fingers of the fretting hand over them, and then simply run the pick across the dead strings on beats 2 and 4 of a 4/4 measure. In drum circles, this is known as the backbeat. Scratching creates a "blip"; kind of sound that is a pleasing rhythmic contrast to the full-tone strums.

The key to its effectiveness is accenting the deadened backbeats by hitting the muted strings harder, which will make those beats stand out. It's good to note here that scratch picking and pick scratching are completely different techniques and make very different sounds. A pick scratch is the sound
made when you slide a pick down the length of a string, as in the Alice in Chains song "Down in a Hole”.

Percussive techniques can be fairly disruptive of the rhythmic pattern at first, especially if you're playing faster songs, but like anything, they get easier with practice. Use this primer as a jumping-off point to further explore these techniques. They may sound a bit disjointed at first, but keep trying. You'll get them eventually, and the world of sound they unlock will make you glad did.

Kathy Dickson writes for Guitar Tricks.  , the #1 site for online guitar lessons.

Tom Hess: This Guitar Practicing Approach Fixes Your Guitar Playing Problems

This Guitar Practicing Approach Fixes Your Guitar Playing Problems
by Tom Hess
To make fast improvements in your guitar playing, make sure you understand how to correct problems as you practice. It won’t help if you simply play through exercises over and over. Practicing guitar the right way should make your playing feel a lot more effortless.

The following guitar practice video will show you how to fix your guitar playing issues:

Here is how this practicing method will work for you during your guitar practice:

(Correctly) Isolate The Main Problem
When you struggle to play anything on guitar, stop and isolate the specific notes that are giving you problems. When you do this, your guitar practice gains the potential to be extremely effective. Watch the video above at 0:58 and you’ll see how to correctly isolate any guitar playing problem. This also helps you by keeping you from wasting practice time on things that you can already play very well.

Amplify The Main Problem
Once the main issue has been isolated, amplifying it will make it easier to solve. To see how this is done, watch the video at 4:01. At this part of the video, you see how a two hand synchronization issue is amplified to make it easier to fix.
These are some basic ways to amplify any issue that gives you problems:

1. Continually repeat whatever is most difficult.

2. Play the difficult part on lower frets.

3. Use only up/down strokes to play the difficult part.

4. If the problem is related to articulation or 2-hand synchronization – play it on an acoustic guitar or an unplugged electric guitar.

5. To fix sloppy playing or unwanted string noise, play the hard part with lots of distortion (or at least a lot louder).

Amplifying a problem you struggle with in this manner makes the original problem seem a lot easier to play.

Make Sure To Focus On The Fundamentals
Construct a list of guitar technique fundamentals that you need the most improvement on. Once you have mastered these things you will fix your playing issue. A lot of guitarists who learned guitar on their own struggle with this (since they aren’t working with an excellent teacher who can help them). The following are several guitar technique elements you need to pay close attention to:

- Having perfect synchronization between both hands, and playing with excellent articulation.

- Eliminating unwanted string noise by using muting.

- Having the motions in both hands as efficient as possible while picking with a lot of power.

- Playing with NO excess tension in your body.

Don’t Play Faster Than You Can Think
You need to totally engage your brain during guitar practice. To do this, practice at a speed that challenges your hands physically, but is slow enough that you can follow every note with your brain. This is the way to practice if you want to play with excellent guitar technique.
If you practice faster than your mind can keep up with, you will struggle to get decent results from your practicing efforts.

Watch the video at 3:16 to observe how to practice without getting too far ahead of yourself in this manner.

This guitar speed building eGuide helps you improve this aspect of effective guitar practice.

Attack The Problem Until It Is Fully Mastered
You’re going to need to continuously practice the problem before you can totally master it.
This is one of the most common (and damaging) questions guitarists commonly ask.
This approach will turn you into a much better guitarist anytime you repeat an exercise.

Go Over The Problem Repeatedly Until It Is Mastered
You have to repeat the problem many times before you will master it.
For instance, the tab below shows the problem (in the red box) placed back into context by surrounding it with other notes. Do this yourself by surrounding a problem with notes until the lick is complete.
Utilize this process to solve any guitar playing issue and get faster results in your playing than ever before.
Quickly master guitar technique and play faster by downloading this free guitar speed building eGuide.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar player, composer and international guitar teacher. He also helps musicians learn guitar online and reach their guitar playing goals. Visit his rock and metal guitar lessons site to read more articles about guitar playing, plus get free guitar tips and guitar playing resources.

Joe Bonamassa: free “invitation only” concert at the legendary Cavern Club venue in Liverpool



Joe Bonamassa’s love of the British Blues is at the heart of his musical inspiration; and, for the first time, on Monday June 27th, he will perform a free “invitation only” concert at the legendary Cavern Club venue in Liverpool, as a thank you to all the fans that have helped his career grow from playing small clubs to sold-out arena tours worldwide.

This intimate concert in front of 300 people will preview material that he will perform at five special concerts in the UK this July, where Joe will pay homage to the British blues rock guitarists that inspired him – Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck andJimmy Page.

This one-time only UK concert experience is billed as JOE BONAMASSA IN CONCERT: A SALUTE TO THE BRITISH BLUES EXPLOSION.

Joe’s British Blues Explosion concerts will be at Hoghton Tower, Lancashire (Saturday July 2), Glasgow Clyde Auditorium(Sunday July 3), Bristol Colston Hall (Tuesday July 5), Greenwich London Music Time Festival (Thursday July 7), andNewark Castle, Nottinghamshire (Friday July 8). The dates include two concerts performed at heritage castles (Hoghtonand Newark), and a special show at the London’s Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Tickets available,

Celebrated British Blues guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor is special guest at the Hoghton, Greenwich and Newark outdoor concerts.

When Joe plays the Cavern Club on June 27th, he will also be inducted into the Cavern Club’s historic “Wall of Fame”, where he will be commemorated with a special brick in the wall with his name inscribed on the brick. Previous artists to be inducted on the Wall of Fame include the Beatles, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, and many more musical icons.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me,” says a jubilant Joe Bonamassa. “I’m so excited to be performing the British Blues Explosion concerts for very first time at the Cavern Club, the same venue where the Beatles first played. It’s the perfect venue for me to showcase the music of Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Page. I hope my fans will get a kick out of it as much as I do.”

Darius Wave, Łukasz Pawlukand, Ashfaq Hossain Shawon: International Guitar and Keyboard Solo Collaboration

Website :,,,,

Darius Wave YouTube Channel:

Lukas Pawluk YouTube Channel:

My Band page:

Backing track's link:

International Guitar and Keyboard Solo Collaboration with Darius Wave and Łukasz Pawlukand

Martin Miller: 21st-Century Mechanics - pickslanting and crosspicking

Martin Miller's futuristic blend of pickslanting and crosspicking gives him cyborg-like alternate picking ability. Watch the complete interview in Masters in Mechanics!

Martin Miller's 21st-Century Mechanics

Robben Ford: Blues workout Dallas Guitar Fest 2016

Bobby Sparks on keys, Mike Gage on Drums, Arem Doroff on bass.
Nice playing and vox by Robben, with an all-star DFW cast.
Excellent Festival-closing set by Robben

Robben Ford Blues workout Dallas Guitar Fest 2016

First appearance at Dallas Guitar Show for the jazz/blues stalwart.
Reverent nod to Freddie King in Dallas, and also on tele for TX icons like Albert Collins, etc.
Ford is a class act for choosing this, and shuffles in that grand TX style with aplomb. With ma boyz Mike & Arem, 2 stalwarts of the DFW scene.

Robben Ford Cannonball Shuffle with Mike Gage and Arem Doroff DIGF

Andy Timmons: live Surf Medley, Beach Blanket RINGO, Ventures, Dick Dale

From my "lost" archives, some obscure "tongue in cheek" Timmons. Great stuff, 2014. Beach Blanket Ringo, limited edition.
Andy's heart-felt tribute to the genius of Bugs Henderson, in a zany setting. I had the pleasure of hearing Bugs play this once at Blue Cat Blues, maybe the same show, and maybe two other times, I'm glad somebody remembered.........
Slaughter on 10th Avenue, with White (guys) Rushin' :-)
If you dig the Timmonator, you will dig this........... difficult to source live. Awesome performance with Mike Daane.
Just to remember Bugs is plenty.................... R.I.P.

WAY too coooooooooooooooool. Thanks Andy

ULTRA RARE Andy Timmons live Surf Medley, Beach Blanket RINGO, Ventures, Dick Dale

Ola Englund: FEARED Lords Resistance Army - Guitar Play Through - over 100,000 YouTube Subscribers

Lords Resistance Army - Guitar Play through
Download tab here:

Preorder digital:
► iTunes -
► Google Play -
► Amazon -

Physical albums and Deluxe Editions :
► Feared -

Album Reborn is released June 3 - 2016

Link to Musical video of Lords Resistance Army -

Feared is:
Mario Santos Ramos - Vocals
Jocke Skog - Bass Guitar
Kevin Talley - Drums
Ola Englund - Guitars

Album produced by Ola Englund and Kevin Talley
Album mixed and Mastered by Jocke Skog

Feared is a unsigned band. We have everything to thank for because of our supporters and fans. Thank you for supporting us.

FEARED Lords Resistance Army - Guitar Play Through

Cameron Allen: Funky C7 using some diminished scale phrases and chromaticism

Jamming over a funky C7 vamp, using some diminished scale phrases and chromaticism for tension/release. Hope you enjoy!

Cameron Allen - Funky C7 Jam

Lorne Hind: JTC 'Hendrix' May 2016 Jam Track Central - is it me or is that wall moving?!?!

Hey Guys

Having fun improvising on this cool track!

Lorne Hind JTC 'Hendrix' May 2016 Jam Track Central

Jonas Gatto: The hardest chord in the world - FMaj9/A

The hardest chord in the world, according to Shawn Lane. FMaj9/A


Aaron Marshall: Intervals - PRS Gear, PRS 408 talk

Aaron Marshall from Intervals talks about some of the PRS gear he used while recording his band's latest album, including the 408. Check it out!

Intervals - Aaron Marshall Talks PRS Gear, PRS 408

Mateus Asato, Fredrik Halland: Killer Jam Session from Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California

Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California, offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in contemporary music performance, recording, guitar making and music business. If you're serious about your music, your education, and your career, take a look around the site to see what MI has to offer, then contact us for more information about how we can help you reach your goals.
(800) 255-7529 (US/Canada)
(323) 462-1384 (International/Direct)

Mateus Asato & Fredrik Halland Guitar Jam Session

Travis Montgomery: Skervesen Raptor 8 String Demo - Final Fantasy VII

Skervesen built me this Final Fantasy VII themed Raptor 8 string almost two years ago. I started working on this medley at that point, and procrastinated for the longest time because it was so daunting to complete....but, now it's finally done!
If you would like to download audio of the medley, please check the link below.
This is a medley of the final four tracks from Final Fantasy VII.
1. Jenova Absolute
2. The Birth of a God
3. One Winged Angel
4. World Crisis
Huge shoutout to my bro Andrew Minarik for providing his skills on the drums!
I would also like to point out that yes...this is mimed! There's no way that I was going to record audio during the video process considering how long this song is, and how may layers are going on at once. This is why the phrasing in the video doesn't match up with the audio at points.

Skervesen Raptor 8 String Demo - Final Fantasy VII (Black Materia Medley)

Jack Thammarat: Jam with George Duke Soul Treasures - Piano Loop

Jam with George Duke Soul Treasures - Piano Loop from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS

Just upgraded my KOMPLETE 8 to 10 Ultimate and having fun with this loop.
Recording gear : Yamaha Pacifica JT Custom, Laney Amplification IRT-Studio, Line 6 Helix and NEO Created by Oyaide cables.

Jam with George Duke Soul Treasures - Piano Loop

David Locke: Steven - Alice Cooper - one man band

This has always been one of my favourite songs, I decided to make a tribute and a nod to the wonderful Dick Wagner, Steve Hunter, Bob Ezrin, Jozef Chirowski and Prakash John for their amazing musical input into this classic. This cover is influenced by the Welcome to my Nightmare concert available on DVD.

Steven - Alice Cooper - David Locke

Monica Gheorghevici: Darius Wave - Fairy Tale

This is a cover and it's published with the permission of the composer. The original song Fairy Tale is composed by Darius Wave (Darek Wawrzyniak).

Darius Wave - Fairy Tale (Cover by Monica Gheorghevici)

Andrew Baena: Babymetal - Karate featuring Nikki Simmons

Here is our cover of BABYMETAL's latest single KARATE! Huge thank you to Nikki Simmons who absolutely nailed the vocals, be sure to check her out!

Nikki Simmons:


Custom guitar strings provided by StringJoy:

BABYMETAL - Karate (Full Cover)