Travis Montgomery: Skervesen Raptor 8 String Demo - Final Fantasy VII

Skervesen built me this Final Fantasy VII themed Raptor 8 string almost two years ago. I started working on this medley at that point, and procrastinated for the longest time because it was so daunting to complete....but, now it's finally done!
If you would like to download audio of the medley, please check the link below.
This is a medley of the final four tracks from Final Fantasy VII.
1. Jenova Absolute
2. The Birth of a God
3. One Winged Angel
4. World Crisis
Huge shoutout to my bro Andrew Minarik for providing his skills on the drums!
I would also like to point out that yes...this is mimed! There's no way that I was going to record audio during the video process considering how long this song is, and how may layers are going on at once. This is why the phrasing in the video doesn't match up with the audio at points.

Skervesen Raptor 8 String Demo - Final Fantasy VII (Black Materia Medley)