Thursday, 19 May 2016

Marco Pisani: Sunset - for the Six String Theory Competition 2016.

My composition, "Sunset", for the Six String Theory Competition 2016. Everything is written, played and recorded by myself, I hope you enjoy !

Sunset - Marco Pisani

Lucas Zembrzuski: Looper Jam #8 - creating layers to improvise over.

Lucas Zembrzuski: Looper Jam #8 - creating layers to improvise over.

Looper Jam #8

Andreas Šala: Hue - Wreck Guitars BlueMorpho 6 - performance for new solo album - great progressive rock

Hey guys and gals. I've been lucky enough to have this gorgeous Wreck guitar in my hand for a couple of weeks and immediately decided to make a solo record. More details coming soon ;)

If you like what you hear and would like to support me head over to my bands' bandcamp pages and give us a listen.

If you have any question regarding the guitar head over to Wreck's page and send him a message

Andreas Šala - Hue [Wreck Guitars BlueMorpho 6]

Rick Graham: Classic Player 60's Strat Improvisation

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Classic Player 60's Strat Improvisation - Rick Graham Guitar

Niko Tsonev: Suhr Monster Hybrid Picking and a little Cub Howl Blues

Hybrid picking guitar line. Suhr Chambered Classic guitar with V60 pickups. Phone mic, Roland Micro Cube amp.

Hybrid Picking - go for it!

Enjoying my main Suhr Custom Modern through the teeny tiny Roland Micro Cube. Phone Mic \m/

Cub Howl Blues

Jack Daniels: Kiesel Guitars Aries Metal Playthrough

Kiesel Guitars artist Jack Daniels, from Hope for the Dying and War of Ages, stopped by the custom shop to play "Nemesis" from the new Hope for the Dying album, Legacy. Jack is playing a stock A6c in Kiesel Racing Green, loaded with Kiesel Lithium humbuckers. The Aries series guitars are available in 6, 7, & 8 strings with standard or multi-scale neck configurations.
For more information or to design and build your own Aries call our custom shop experts at (858) GUITARS or visit our website:
Be sure to follow Kiesel Guitars for guitar and bass build pictures, news, and updates from the custom shop:
Music Credit:
Hope for the Dying - "Nemesis"

Kiesel Guitars Aries Playthrough by Jack Daniels

Michael Angelo Batio, Mistheria: Vivaldi Metal Project adds MAB to the project!

Vivaldi Metal Project

Metal world... we're extremely proud to announce and welcome Mr. Michael Angelo Batio in our \m/ planet!

Batio’s supreme and unique playing style, technique, feeling and absolute mastery led him to the Olympus of the greatest guitarists of all time!

Phenomenal guitarist Michael Angelo Batio recorded an impressive solo on the 1st mov. of Summer (arr. by +Maestro Mistheria).

Top-class playing and killer shredding signed by MAB!! \m/

Lars Eric Mattsson, Alex Masi, Derek Sherinian: Condition Red - Illusion Of Truth

Twelve years after the release of their previous album "II" Progressive rock act CONDITION RED returns with a new lineup, new sound and their most daring work to date, a full concept album about a non fictional subject affecting us all. The band has at this time chosen not to reveal what it's all about but rather let the fantasy of the listeners decide.

CONDITION RED was founded in 1999 by Lars Eric Mattsson and the self titled debut album released in 2000 featured musicians such as: Lars Eric Mattsson (Guitar+Bass), Alex Masi (Guitar), Derek Sherinian (Key solos) Ella Grussner (Vox) Torgny Stjärnfelt (Vox) Esa Pietilä (Sax), Alexander King (Keys), Eddie Sledgehammer (Drums), Örjan Sjöström (B Vox). The music was daring and complex crossing borders and avoiding any clichee's whatsoever.

Album no. 2 "II" was released in 2003 and this time drummer Gerald Kloos had joined the band while singer Ella Grussner handled all the vocal duties. The songs were shorter and more focused than on the debut album but nevertheless interesting and highly original.

After a twelve year long break the band returned with a new line up and sound on the 2015 single Tomorrow Never Knows (a Beatles cover). It's not the first cover for Condition Red who previously have covered Deep Purple's "Black Night", Jimi Hendrix' "Villanova Junction", the Yardbird's/Rainbow's "Still I'm Sad" on previously released compilation albums released by Lion Music in 2004.

And now it's time for the real come back with the band's definitive concept album "Illusion of Truth". A Daring and challenging project in every way.

Chris Steberl: Project Alcazar - Chasin Voodoo new Lion Music Release


Released APRIL 29th 2016 LMC374 EAN: 6419922003749

Chris Steberl began playing guitar at the age of 8 years old at his parents bidding. For many years he dreaded missing Saturday morning cartoons to go take these “stupid worthless guitar lessons”. He swore one day he would smash the guitar and never play again. Then at age 13 Edward Van Halen stormed onto the rock music scene with “Eruption” and everything changed. Now having a solid foundation of reading music and theory under his belt he developed his ear copying all of the new found guitar heroes solos note for note. He played in several cover bands throughout high school and relocated to Sarasota Florida where he was exposed to the “thrash metal” scene. Metallica, Iron Maiden, Anthrax and Slayer were to name a few and the band also wrote some of their own original material. Then he discovered Yngwie Malmsteen and the Shrapnel artists Tony Macalpine, Greg Howe, Jason Becker, Richie Kotzen and “shred guitar” was the new path to follow. After relocating back to Columbus Ohio he formed his own instrumental band “Alcazar”. The band entered the “Battle of the Bands” at the Al Rosa Villa and went on to win against many vocal led bands WITHOUT a singer! The band went on to record 2 EP's entitled “Visions and Spells” and "Gothic Belladonna". Chris left his teaching job at the time for a brief stint on the road with another band until the singer was injured and their dates cancelled.

Adam Bentley: Absently - Open Mind - full album stream

This album is a representation of me musically through all of the personal material I've worked on over the past couple of years that I really enjoy. I wanted to make a collection of riffs and ideas that I love listening to and I hope whoever listens connects to it the way I do.

Thanks for listening!

Introve: 0:00
Dayzed: 4:41
Interluhd: 10:09
Out of Orbit: 11:28
Escape Pod: 17:26
Schlipps: 22:40
Patience: 27:11
Wrath: 35:22
Where are We: 43:01

This album is a representation of all the personal material I've written and recorded over the past couple of years that I really enjoy. I wanted to make a collection of riffs and ideas that I love listening to and I hope whoever listens connects to it the way I do.

All songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Bentley

Adam Bentley: Guitars, Bass, Drum parts / programming
Alberto Menezes: Co-engineer

Guest performers:
Joey Izzo - 9:18 & 40:48
Aaron Shah - Piano - Interluhd
Yaevin - Vocals - Where Are We
Matt Kniffin - Bass - Patience
Lindsay Philips - 45:54

Absently - Open Mind (FULL ALBUM STREAM)

LorePaz, Rodrigo Alpe: No Rush - Randall amps

Lore used Thrasher 50 with Randall Randall 4x12 cabinet with Celestion Greenback Scott Ian.
Rodrigo Alpe used Thrasher 120 with cabinet Randall Randall 4x12 Celestion V30 Satan 2 and 2 G12H.
Mic Shure SM57.

No Rush / LoreMarylu & Rodrigo Alpe

Adam Rafowitz, Cameron Rasmussen: Sound Struggle - Rise with a string section in The Ark at Berklee.

Sound Struggle performs their original "Rise" with a string section in The Ark at Berklee.
Sound Struggle:
Matthieu Danesin uses Murat Diril cymbals and Adam Rafowitz uses Strandberg guitars.
"Rise" (Sound Struggle)
Guitar: Cameron Rasmussen
Keyboards: Joey Izzo
Guitar: Adam Rafowitz
Bass: Joe Calderone
Tenor Saxophone: Michael Bozdeck
Drums: Matthieu Danesin
Violins: Nate Guinto, Ethan Anderson-Carter, Mattison Solgan, Alana Jane Davis, Cadence Hira
Violas: Elliot Von Wendt & Lukas Selig
Cellos: Bradley Allan Robertson, Caitlin Thomas, Roman Soto
String Arrangement: Joe Calderone
Copyist: Cameron Rasmussen
Recorded live in Berklee's Studio 2 @ 160 Massachusetts Ave.
Recording Engineer: Aresh Banaji
Assistant Engineers: Alberto Menezes, Adam Bentley, Brandon Unpingco, Joey Izzo
Mix/Mastering Engineer: Joey Izzo
Videographer & Editor: Sam Harchik

Sound Struggle - Rise

Jackel Pun: The Humanatee - first instrumental single

| Hong Kong | Jackel Pun |
"The Humanatee" single now available on Bandamp:
Instagram: Jackelpun

This is my very first instrumental single, Im now working with 2 of my new bands and also on my solo project, and thanks so much for my buddy Benji Fricker's drums part and he did the mixing/mastering work! Please keep an eye on and more original stuff is coming soon.

Benji Fricker (Drums, Mixing/Mastering):

I provide guitar lessons, please send me a message in facebook if you are interested!

I proudly endorsed by Aristides Guitar, HESU, Jim Dunlop.

Guitar/Bass/Synth : Jackel Pun
Drums : Benji Fricker
Song Writer : Jackel Pun
Mixed and Mastered by Benji Fricker

Jackel Pun - The Humanatee

Kirill Konyaev: Padalka Guitars - "Moon" review

Padalka Guitars official site

Facebook page

VK page

Padalka Guitars - "Moon" review

Samuli Federley: JTC Jam Of The Month May 2016

This is again my little solo over a cool JTC backing track. Check out also

Samuli Federley - JTC Jam Of The Month May '16 |

Min: Free Wing - G.O.D. II - PRS 30th Anniversary Custom 24 Demo - classic tones

PRS 30th Anniversary Custom 24 Demo
AZ - 'FREE WING' (From G.O.D II) Cover
by Guitarist MIN

Music Force

PRS 30th Anniversary Custom 24 Demo - 'FREE WING' (G.O.D II) Cover by MIN

Claudio Pietronik: As Dreams Were Reached Again - cool tones

The music you will listen to, called "...As Dreams Were Reached Again" , has been inspired by a story invented by myself, based on a dialogue between a son and his father about the loss of his mother who passed away many years ago.
It revolves around the father's deep emotion regarding the revelation of a brand new reality and possibility to discover and meet again
what he thought it had gone forever.

I want to thank Andrea Bana Anastasi, as always, for mixing and mastering, and this time for the role of video director too (video filming and editing). The awesome brands i endorse: Mesa Boogie (through the Mark Five: 35) and Negrini Guitars - Liuteria GNG.

A special thank to Alessandro Anastasi, for helping me writing the story.

I really hope you enjoy.


New * Claudio Pietronik: "... As Dreams Were Reached Again"

Dan Mumm: Synchronicity - (Official Music Video) 2016 Neo-Classical Metal

"Synchronicity" original song from Dan Mumm's new album "Peering Through the Lens of Time." Now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and most online digital retailers. Video shot, edited and produced by Maxxxwell Carlisle.

Get "Synchronicity" in Mp3 format with the complete lead guitar TAB and full backing track here:

Get the full album in Mp3 format here: Edit

1. Broken Glass
2. The Light Obscured
3. The Path by Twilight
4. Synchronicity
5, Forging the Future from the Past 
6. Lightning in the Hourglass
7. Dying Dreams Fade Shadows Cast
8. Before Time, a Dream
9. Peering Through the Lens of Time
10. The Path Illuminated
11. 14 Hours
12. The Phantom Starlight Still Remains
13. Sonata Pathetique (Beethoven)
14. The Marriage of Figaro, Overture (Mozart)
15. Concerto in Em (Mendelssohn)

Get the full album in high quality FLAC format here:

Stay up to date with all of Dan Mumm's latest content and news on his official Facebook page:

Dan Mumm - Synchronicity - (Official Music Video) 2016 Neo-Classical Metal

Mario Camarena,Erick Hansel, Yvette Young: Chon and Covet announce a show date

Yvette Young

I'm really excited to announce that Covet is playing with our homies in CHON Friday July 1. Come hang with us downtown Santa Cruz!

Also please don't complain about why my name is separate from Covet. That's what the flyer sent to me said and I did not request it specifically that way haha

Julian Rodriguez: Last few days of Elitist guitarist's Indigogo instrumental solo album fundraiser

Contribute now:
Hey guys, Julian Rodriguez here. You may remember me from my band Elitist, or you may have simply been intrigued by the teaser video. Either way, I am here to tell you that since the closing of the band, I have been writing and demoing out ideas for my next project called "Black and White". This is an entirely new musical concept that captures the essence of where I am musically here and now in 2016. "Black and White" is both the name of the project, and title of the first studio album, whereby the music will go from heavier and darker sounds (Black) and transition to prettier and lighter sounds (White) as the album progresses.

As of now my plans are to have this completely instrumental. All music is written by me with the exception of a few guest guitar solo contributions which I am very excited about. Without the need to satisfy whats "cool" in the music industry for success, label, or monetary reasons, I am finally able to make music with no limitations or parameters, something I haven't been able to do since 2010 when I wrote the first Elitist EP "Caves". I believe the parameters and trends of the industry are detracting from what makes this metal/rock/prog/djent genre FUN, and I am crafting this album in aims of restoring just that. Music has always been my passion and although I have been somewhat in the shadows musically since the last Elitist album, I have been hard at work at my home studio writing songs that I will be taking into a full studio in the coming months. I am turning to fans and friends to help me achieve my funding goals to make this project and album possible.

Looking for a soloist for your album:
$400 USD
Guest Guitar Solo + Album DL
A guitar solo on your band's album + digital download
0 out of 1000 claim

Black & White - Indiegogo

Black & White - Indiegogo Promo II

Black & White - Indiegogo Promo III

Richard Daudé: Performance for Lick Library

Check out this awesome Performance from Richard Daude.
Richard will be releasing his first full course with Licklibrary later this month and for those that know Richards guitar lessons from our members lessons you know how good he is.
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Richard Daude | Performance