Claudio Pietronik: As Dreams Were Reached Again - cool tones

The music you will listen to, called "...As Dreams Were Reached Again" , has been inspired by a story invented by myself, based on a dialogue between a son and his father about the loss of his mother who passed away many years ago.
It revolves around the father's deep emotion regarding the revelation of a brand new reality and possibility to discover and meet again
what he thought it had gone forever.

I want to thank Andrea Bana Anastasi, as always, for mixing and mastering, and this time for the role of video director too (video filming and editing). The awesome brands i endorse: Mesa Boogie (through the Mark Five: 35) and Negrini Guitars - Liuteria GNG.

A special thank to Alessandro Anastasi, for helping me writing the story.

I really hope you enjoy.


New * Claudio Pietronik: "... As Dreams Were Reached Again"