Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Howie Simon: Xotic Effects RC Booster V2

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Howie Simon with the Xotic Effects RC Booster V2 + Gibson Les Paul - Part 1

Howie Simon with the Xotic Effects RC Booster V2 + Fender Strat - Part 2

Howie Simon RC Booster V2 Trick - Part 3

Michel Cusson,Alain Caron, Paul Brochu: UZEB announce reunion tour



Jazz | Rock | Fusion legends UZEB from Montreal announce their long-awaited comeback tour after over 25 years of absence !

UZEB: Here are 4 letters and a sound that still resonates in the audience’s ears since their inception in 1976 and throughout the 80s. They gave their last farewell concert at the height of their popularity at the Montreal Jazz Festival in an outdoor concert in front of a crowd of 96,000 in 1992. UZEB had now secured their spot amongst the greats.

A few months ago, guitarist Michel Cusson, bassist Alain Caron and drummer Paul Brochu casually met for a friendly get-together. As they spoke they quickly recognized that the musical spark that had set them off 40 years ago was still intact. They quickly found themselves in a rehearsal studio going through their material: UZEB WAS BACK !

UZEB was considered to be one of the first Jazz Fusion groups in the world; one of the most popular and respected of the genre with over 500,000 albums sold and over 1000 concerts worldwide. Critics often noted that their innovative sound design was ahead of its time and their absolute musical mastery propelled the group to the forefront of the Jazz fusion landscape in the eighties.

Thought out its career, UZEB won nine ADISQ awards including Group of the Year in 1984 and 1989. They were also awarded the Oscar Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award by the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1991.

Today Michel, Alain and Paul have reunited to offer once again the highest-level of musical performance and wizardry that made them famous in their heyday. The UZEB: R3UNION Tour will highlight music from their ten albums as well as brand new material, while modernizing the state-of-the-art sound that defines them and sets them apart.

This is a unique opportunity for all, from die-hard fans who followed the group to those who dreamed of seeing them light up the stage one more time, because UZEB IS BACK !

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Tim Henson, Scott LePage, Jason Richardson, Yvette Young: Polyphia, Jason Richardson and Covet to tour the US

Hey everyone in the US who I didn't get to meet on my last tour! I would love to see you this run! It's gonna be a "lit" one! I'm so stoked for the opportunity to support Polyphia and Jason Richardson with my band Covet! If you like guitar, you're gonna like this

John Petrucci: John Petrucci Interviews John Petrucci for GEAR GODS

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci experiences some confusion as he is interviewed by himself.

Camera by Alex Nasla and Max McAllister
Security Guard: Max McAllister
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John Petrucci Interviews John Petrucci | GEAR GODS

Jakub Żytecki: DispersE announce details of upcoming album

Taken from the forthcoming album "Foreword". Release date: february 10th, 2017

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Disperse - Stay (Official Premiere)

Vinnie Moore: announces new strings endorsement with D'Orazio

D'Orazio Strings


Michael Angelo Batio: It's official... NITRO has reunited!

It's official... NITRO has reunited!

Joining with founding members: legendary guitar virtuoso, MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO, and glass-shattering vocalist, JIM GILLETTE, is one of today's most respected and revered metal drummer's, CHRIS ADLER (Lamb of God).

"I'm not sure who keeps giving my phone number to the most talented musicians on the planet but, I couldn't be more thrilled! I used to wonder what a metal band would sound like with all the cheat codes unlocked and well, I don't wonder about that anymore. I'm blown away by the modern sound and groove in the material. The chaos has been harnessed and it's incredibly heavy." ADLER said.

States BATIO: "I can't wait to get onstage with these guys! Inspirational is an understatement."

"I'm honored to be surrounded by such insanely talented musicians. I mean, Michael and Chris are the best of the best. So yeah, it's very exciting, humbling and even a little intimidating. To be honest, I'm less intimidated when I get in the ring with a 300-pound monster that wants to tear my head off!" added GILLETTE.

Ronnie Montrose: From the Baker Guitars 2001 Namm Jamm

Loved Ronnie Montrose playing...

From the Baker Guitars 2001 NammJamm, Ronnie Montrose performing live, featuring Jimmy Paxson, Myron Dove and Ed Roth.

Ronnie Montrose: From the Baker Guitars 2001 Namm Jamm

Ignazio Di Salvo: Legato-Tapping Workout - Gains

Legato-Tapping technique workout today.
Coming back after few weeks in which I didn't post almost nothing. So, killer shred in this video.
Here you can find the link to listen to my latest song

Legato-Tapping Workout - Ignazio Di Salvo

PJ d'Atri: Dreaming away on my Jason Becker guitar! Carvin Kiesel JB200

Carvin Kiesel JB200
Background music by "POWERNERD"

Dreaming away on my Jason Becker guitar!

Martin Andres, Brandon White: Thrive - from ONI's debut album "Ironshore".

Brandon White and Martin Andres perform "Thrive" from ONI's debut album "Ironshore".

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ONI "Thrive" - guitar play through