Sunday, 29 January 2017

Reece Fullwood: Dasprog - Into Inertia - metal immenseness from upcoming EP

Reece Fullwood: highly underrated, check him out!

Here's my latest instrumental track for Into Inertia 'DasProg' (working title).
This will be on the upcoming EP.
I'm working hard at wrapping this release up now.
Can't express how excited i am to finally put this out. :)
Stay Metal!

Dasprog - Into Inertia

Stefano Gallo: wild Tapping etudes

here is the bb king inspired lick that you can find on my facebook lool

Tapping lick by Stefano Gallo

Horse shred tapping!

Corey Mastrangelo: No Clearance byVasudeva - instrumental math rock
Vasudeva are an instrumental rock band from central New Jersey. Formed in 2009 and started touring in 2012, they have preformed alongside bands such as LITE, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Tides of Man, gates, Pianos Become the Teeth, and CHON.

No Clearance
by Vasudeva1.(intro)
2.Take Away 04:15
7.Rough Tape
a long time coming, a labor of love. thank you.
releases March 31, 2017

all songs written & recorded by Vasudeva
Corey Mastrangelo
Grant Mayer
Derek Broomhead

mixed by adrian bagner
mastered by jack shirley
photography by shawn maguire
layout by mike maroney

released by skeletal lightning

Pierre Danel, Rick Graham, Nicolas Hørbacz: Ascendancy preorder of the debut album of Paris based Progressive metal outfit Kadinja.

by Kadinja
1.Stone Of Mourning
2.GLHF (Feat Rick Graham)
4.Episteme Part II
5.'Til The Ground Disappears
6.A November Day
8.Ropes Of You
9.Bittersweet Guilt
10.Seven (The Stick Figures)

Ascendancy is the long awaited debut album of Paris based Progressive metal outfit Kadinja. 

Release Date 17.02.17 via Klonosphere/Season Of Mist
releases February 17, 2017 

Vocals : Philippe Charny Dewandre 
Guitar : Pierre Danel 
Bass : JJ Groove 
Guitar : Nicolas Hørbacz 
Drums : Morgan Berthet 

Recorded by Pierre Danel and Amaël Durand 
Produced by Pierre Danel and Amaël Durand 
Mixed and mastered by Amaël Durand 
Artwork by Svelt Studio

Sean Wayland, James Muller: live top fusion concert from Melbourne 2013

Sean Wayland Nate Wood James Muller Brett Hirst Melbourne 2013

1. Mohalk 10:38
2. Big E 09:45
3. Trane plus Molly Equals Countdown08:07
4. Boxing Day (feat Richard Maegraith)10:46
5. Mohalk (demo) 00:43

released January 25, 2017

Jennifer Batten: Tour Vlog Fall 2016 - UK,Czech,Germany,Kazakhstan

Join me in a super fun tour through the UK with a fun Michael Jackson Tribute with Navi, followed by Czech Republic, Germany, and Kazakhstan. After UK, I was on my own for solo multimedia shows and clinics.

Jennifer Batten Tour Vlog Fall 2016 - UK,Czech,Germany,Kazakhstan

Nili Brosh: A Matter of Perception Improv

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Nilick of the Week #108: after jamming on my tune "A Matter of Perception" with the amazing Per Nilsson earlier this week, I decided to go back and try some new improv over it. Hope you enjoy it!
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Nili Brosh - Nilick of the Week #108 - A Matter of Perception Improv