Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Davide Pepi: "On The Frozen Lake" - Allan Holdsworth Guitar Solo - with transcription

This solo is contained in the song "On the Frozen Lake" written by Anders & Jens Johansson, Allan Holdsworth recorded in the album "Heavy Machinery"! The Transcriprion is available here:

"On The Frozen Lake" - Allan Holdsworth Guitar Solo // Davide Pepi

Andrea Maccianti: Axe-Fx2 Patch - Marshall PLEXI 50W "JUMP" - awesome tones!

Patch based on Marshall PLEXI 50w "JUMP".
Ha 8 Scenes and Cab Pack 3 needed.
Cab not included.
THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: or on my Facebook page

Axe-Fx2 Patch - Marshall PLEXI 50W "JUMP" (FW Q 6.03)

Kiko Loureiro: at DV Mark Headquarters

This is an interview with Kiko Loureiro about his career, his relationship with DV Mark and his use of the Multiamp.

Kiko Loureiro at DV Mark Headquarters

Rick Graham: Should I bring This Series Back?

This was the first ever Quick But Slick Lick. Please say Yes or No in the comments section. I'll probably ignore the 'no' comments. Hope you enjoy the video! Don't forget to like, share and subscribe. ➢➢➢ Download my HD guitar lessons here:
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Should I bring This Series Back?

Morgan Reid: Archetype of Destruction - Solo Contest - (Mutiny Within)

The good guys at Mutiny Within are having a little solo contest so I wrote this solo today. Enjoy!!

Also go buy their album.. it's seriously amazing!

Archetype of Destruction - Solo Contest - Morgan Reid (Mutiny Within)

Felix Martin: Flashback - Pre-Order Mechanical Nations

Pre-Order Mechanical Nations:
Google Play:

Billboard Premiere Interview:

Director: Matt Zane

Felix Martin - Flashback (Official Music Video)

3.Eight Moon Headdress
4.Nomadic Tree
5.Da House Cat
6.Cosmo Basket
8.Bom Continues
9.Cardboard Roofs
10.Santos (Ft. Angel Vivaldi)
12.King Zartman
13.Four Handed Giant
15.Bridge Clock Disparity

Chris Brooks: gets all Vinnie Moore to improve your picking and melodic speed

See lesson at for tab and performance notes.

MINUTE LICK #5: Vinnie Moore style pedal tone lick. Chris Brooks

Minute Licks #6: Vinnie Moore 80s style run. Chris Brooks

Minute Licks #7: Larger Pedal Tone lick ala Vinnie Moore. Chris Brooks

Andy Gillion, Garrett Peters : Two Dudes, One Guitar... sick!

GarrettJPeters and I attempting a tandem guitar solo on his Chapman Guitar!

Two Dudes, One Guitar

Alessio Tricarico, Alberto Rigoni: Badass - More Pain, More Gain - new release for Lion Music

Badass: More Pain, More Gain

Release date: April 15th, 2017 Label: Lion Music (digital distribution)
Well-known rock vocalist Titta Tani (Takayoshi Ohmura, ex DGM, CS's Goblin), metal bassist Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, Vivaldi Metal Project, TwinSpirits), guitarist Alessio "Lex" Tricarico (HorsePowerOverload, Four Roxx Down) and amazingly talented drummer Denis "Denzy" Novello teamed up to create the outstanding new metal band BADASS!

"More Pain, More Gain" is the name of their debut album which offers powerful vocals, killer heavy bass, massive rhythm guitar riffs, drums from hell... isn't that perfect to kick your butt??
Titta Tani is an Italian singer and drummer, worldwide known also for his collaborations with Takayoshi Ohmura (Baby Metal, Marty Friedman), DGM, Emir Hot, Roger Staffelbach (Artension), Arthur Falcone, Ashent, Phoenix Rising and many others. As drummer he is currently playing for Claudio Simonetti’s Globin and has collaborated with bands such as Necrophagia, Edu Falaschi (Almah & Angra), Mark Boals (Y.J.Malmsteen, Ring of Fire), Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project). In October 2016 joined BADASS as official singer.

Alberto Rigoni is an Italian bass player and composer, internationally known for his career as a solo artist and as a member of the progressive rock band TwinSpirits, Lady & THE BASS and co-producer of the Vivaldi Metal Project. His five solo albums “Something Different”, “Rebirth”, “Three Wise Monkeys”, “Overloaded” and “Bassorama” were released world-wide between 2008-2016 are located between progressive rock metal and fusion, also featured legendary musicians such as Kevin Moore (ex Dream Theater), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson), Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen), Michael Manring and many others.

Alberto was featured on the cover of magazines such as Bass Magazine (Japan), Bass Musician Magazine (USA), Bajos Y Bajistas (Spain), Basistas (Poland), TOP BASS (Poland). Moreover, in March 2015 the prestigious Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) released Alberto’s CD anthology called “Into THE BASS”.

Alessio “Lex” Tricarico is an Italian metal rock and acoustic guitarist, composer and guitar teacher; ex member of the progressive metal band Synapsis. Currently, he’s playing with the hard rock band HorsePowerOverload. As a founding member of FourRoxxDown Acoustic Party Quartet, Lex has a remarkable live activity.

Denis “Denzy” Novello is an Italian natural born rock metal drummer, graduated at AMM (Milan) in 2015. Denis has been playing for several Italian bands such as NeverNight and Rockdogs, and currently is working with Kim Bingham (ex Nelly Furtado). In 2014, he played drums on Alberto Rigoni’s Overloaded album. Denis is also a live and studio session player.

“More Pain, More Gain” is BADASS’ first album and will be released on April 15th, 2017 by Cargo (physically) and Lion Music (digitally). The record was mixed & mastered by Federico Solazzo at Pannekoek Rehab Studio (NL), artwork by Laslzo “absurdcus” Demeter.

1. Intro,
2. More Pain, More Gain,
3. Nightmares of My Youth,
4. Royal Chains,
5. Strong and United,
6. What We Need,
7. One More Night,
8. Join Me,
9. Redemption,
10. Don't Bother Me,
11. Outro

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot joins Art of Anarchy - The Madness new “super-group”

ART OF ANARCHY is the new “super-group” and these hard rock titans are led by Scott Stapp (Creed) on vocals, Bumblefoot (ex-Guns N’ Roses) on guitars and John Moyer (Disturbed) on bass. The much-anticipated new, full-length effort, The Madness, is set for a March 24th release via Century Media Records and if you need a download of the disc just say the word and I will send it over asap.

ART OF ANARCHY “The Madness” Official Music Video - 

Art of Anarchy - The Madness

ART OF ANARCHY is one of the rare rock bands where each member has a strong identity, and together creates something special. No filler, just raw talent, and dedication to the music and being true to who they are. The members have collectively sold tens of millions of albums worldwide and have a rock pedigree that most artists would be content to rest their laurels on. But while AOA possess the star power of a rock “super group” in spades, the band’s focus is squarely on songwriting and musical craft.

Lead guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal hails formerly from Guns N’ Roses, while bassist John Moyer first rose to fame as a member of Disturbed. Twin brothers Jon Votta (guitar) and Vince Votta (drums), meanwhile, first gained renown as fixtures on the New York music scene. The most recent addition to the group is Grammy Award winner Scott Stapp, the founder and lead singer of Creed. Stapp will be replacing the late Scott Weiland (of Stone Temple Pilots) as AOA’s lead singer.

AOA evolved organically out of an 18-year friendship between Bumblefoot and the Votta brothers. Jon Votta came to Bumblefootwith the idea of putting together a new band with a diverse group of talent and a uniquely melodic and aggressive sound.

The group released their self-titled debut album, Art of Anarchy in June 2015, featuring the late Scott Weiland on vocals. The album showcased a gritty hard rock edge balanced by a powerful focus on innovative songwriting and skillful musicianship.Bumblefoot shines throughout the album not only as band’s co-guitarist (and a world class one at that) but also as the producer and engineer on the album. Jon Votta shares lead responsibilities with Bumblefoot and co-wrote the album with Weiland. Vince Votta brings his powerful rock drumming sensibilities and showmanship, while Moyer brings a punchy bottom end that rounds out the sound of AOA.

The band’s next chapter begins now: The addition of Stapp and the electrifying new musical direction he brings ushers in a new era for the group. “I’m excited to be a part of Art of Anarchy,” said Stapp. “I appreciate collaborating with other talented artists and I can’t wait to share our new music with the fans very soon.”

Bumblefoot adds, “Scott’s style and the personal lyrics he’s been writing are taking the sound in a new direction— one that brings out the best in all of us. It’s a new chapter for us all, and I’m looking forward to sharing the new music with the fans and seeing what the future holds.”

Julien Sandiford: Gong Expresso announce new album entitled Decadence.

Gong Expresso announce new album entitled Decadence.

Gong alumni Francois Causse (drums, perc), Benoit Moerlen (vibes, marimba) and Hansford Rowe (bass) join HRIII guitarist Julien Sandiford for the recording.

Rowe says: “Decadence is the title tune on the new Gong Expresso album. Here the word means ‘falling away.’ I hope this tune and all the music on the album somehow addresses this in an unadorned, direct way.

“When I play with these three musicians, I am convinced there is something special happening. Benoit, Francois and I began playing together in early 1977 in Pierre Moerlen’s Gong and our rapport is of the kind only long-term relationships can provide.

“On the other hand Julien is 25 has been alive less time than I have been playing with the others. Yet our musical relationship feels infinitely long.”

He adds: “We are recording in two cities – Paris and Montreal. Francois' studio in Paris is a tuned percussion church and Piccolo Studios in Montreal is owned by Denis Savage who is co-producing with the band.”

Gong Expresso have opened a pre-order campaign for the new album via where fans can also get hoodies, bass strings, t-shirts and CD bundle packs. In addition, there are signed guitars and the opportunity to visit the Montreal studio for a day to see the recording process in action.

Further album details will be revealed in due course.

As a special bonus for pledging you will receive a never before heard 1979 live version of PM Gong's classic 3 Blind Mice featuring legendary guitarist Allan Holdsworth available for immediate download!!! This will not be made available to the general public.

Yvette Young: Teaming up with protone pedals to release a signature Chorus pedal

Yvette Young

Teaming up with @protonepedals to release a signature Chorus pedal!! This is the art I made for it that will be on the enclosure. I chose a spirit because it sounds all ethereal and moody. Hyyyppppped ❤ demos soon! #protone#protonepedals #chorus #illustration#yvetteyoungart #ghost #demon

Chris Bickley: Shredguy Records is proud to announce its 32nd release, Chris Bickley-Digital Reflection.

Shredguy Records is proud to announce its 32nd release, Chris Bickley-Digital Reflection.
This album is the follow up to Chris’ critically acclaimed album Tapestry Of Souls. On this album, Chris enlists Dino Fiorenza(bass), Gaetono Nicolosi(drums), and Jimmy Pitts(keyboards), as the core of the band. While special guests include Steve Johnstad and Terri Lane on vocals and three Indonesian guitar virtuosos; Balawan, Irul FM, and Tiraz Bistara. Plus a Shredguy Records reunion of sorts with Adrian English and Mike Abdow(Fates Warning), appearing on guitar.

“It's been great working with the band again . I had alot of guests on the last record and it was a positive experience learning to work with so many creative people. This time I wanted to consolidate he band to the same group of players as a band and have some more guests in different areas. I also had a chance to work with my long time friend Steve Johnstad ( aka Zeus) and best friend Terri Lane on 2 songs with vocals which was exciting to say the least, they both are a amazing vocalists and Steve is an exceptional song writer who contributed to songs for many bands over the years like House of Lords and Loudness. Steve was also the front man for the band Mayday. This new record will bring more forth a sonically a creative enjoyable melodic rock experience,” says Chris about his second solo cd.
Ten tracks(8 instrumental and 2 vocal), will expand the virtuosic limits of the listeners mind, while maintaining the key ingredient of melody. So in Digital Reflection you get the perfect harmony of virtuosity and songwriting.

Presales(with a bonus) will begin February 14th at The album will hit stores on March 15th.