Alex Flouros: the sun shines for all of us

Alex Flouros is a guitar player from Greece. His abilities have drawn the attention of guitar forums. His current band is called fragile vastness and have released a CD: "Excerpts" on Sleaszy Rider Records.

Alex indicates that his main guitar influences are Steve Vai, Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen and Allan Holdsworth.

Alex Flouros also makes an appearance on greek uber guru keyboard player, Bob Katsionis on the solo album "Imaginary Force" on the song "Ouzo".

He is also recording the 2nd Fragile Vastness album. He plans to record an instrumental CD once this project is completed.

Check out his web site for more from this talent. You can download audio and video clips of Alex's playing. Check out this cover of Yngwie Malmsteens "Far Beyond the Sun"(wmv)