John Gregson: farewell to flow

John is one of the growing list of entrants to the "Essential Guitarist :: Richard Hallebeek :: LNR :: Fusion Jam Competition". The competition is open to all players. Remember you have to be in it to win it....

John Gregson is based in the mighty northern town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. He has played guitar for a number of years and is a multi faceted player able to play in many styles from Rock to Country, Jazz to Heavy Metal, Funk to Blues, in a live an studio environment.

He has also been a guest columnist for Chops From Hell instructional web site, check out the chops from hell eight finger tapping lesson as an example

He also provides a transcription services if emailed, see his web site for more details. Quotes from other guitarists include:

"A Damn Good Guitarist!" Guthrie Govan

"Great shredding, man! You play very well...I look forward to your first CD!" Carl Verheyen"

Other resources include: