Tobias Hurwitz: zen guitar zone

Tobias Hurwitz releases a new CD, Zen Shred Zone. available from his web site and guitar9.

Track Listing:
1 Shred Planet
2 Zen Shred Zone*
3 Truth Part I
4 Truth part II
5 Yin
6 Green
7 Young Overture
8 Submerge
9 One Sound One Song Part I
10 OSOS Part II **
11 Water
The CD also features Michael Angelo Batio and Mattias IA Eklundh.

* Shred trade-off begins with Angelo, each lick is answered by Eklundh
** Guitar solo played by Bill Hugo

Not an April Fool, check out Tobias and his online guitar magazine

Also lots of Video on YouTube:
Tobias gets busy

Zen guitar


First published
Tobias Hurwitz was born in Baltimore, Maryland abd started playing rock guitar in 1977. After playing for a number of years he attended GIT and graduated. He has been a working for The National Guitar Workshop, teaching seminars in Connecticut and directing the DayJams rock music camp in Baltimore.

Tobias first instrumental rock CD was called "Painted Sky" which featured drummer Dennis Chambers. Tobias currently plays live with a singer songwriter Terry Gourley in a duo called "Falling Water".

In addition, Tobias has written articles for Guitar Player, Guitar one, and Guitar. He has also written books for The National Guitar Workshop and Alfred Publications.

Tobias has jammed or recorded with many musical giants including J. Geils, The Coasters, Joe Pass, and Dennis Chambers.

Check out his web site for: