Jose De Castro: una poco más guitarra

Jose De Castro and his band (Jose Vera, bass; Enzo Filippone, drums) will open the Michael Landau concert in Madrid, on March 28, 2008.

Catch the Jose De Castro and his band (Rob Marcello, Reb Beach, Guthrie Govan) at the Suhr Guitars NAMM Clinic/Concert at Tone Merchants in Orange, CA on January 17 and January 19, 8 PM. Get more information at

Using the power of guitar9 rss feeds... Jose De Castro will be recording his first live CD on November 21 and 22 at Theater Rigoberta Menchu at Avd Juan Carlos I, 100. Leganes, Madrid at 20:00h (underground: El carrascal, rail: Zarzaquemada station. The band includes Jose Vera on bass, Enzo Filippone on drums and Alexis Hernandez on Hammond.

Dave B, is beavering away to bring you interview after interview with top player after top player...this time Jopi gets the treatment in this quality interview!

Jopi says:
Well, nowadays I’m always playing, recording, and sometimes practising. But when I was younger the most important thing in my life was playing the guitar, so I spent the whole day doing it. Now I have more responsibilities, and things more interesting to do than practising scales all day! But I do feel really lucky to be working as a musician professionally. I mean my job is to PLAY GUITAR… that’s incredible!

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A really great demonstration of guitar used to create sound scapes, ala Jeff Beck...check it out.

Jose de Castro Atmosphere



Jose de Castro Live at Rockadelic 1

Jose de Castro Live at Rockadelic 2

Slap happy chappy, Jose De Castro returns...

entre los dedos. live

tornado guitar solo

Lots more video of Jose De Castro on YouTube. Here are some examples:

Sonido Caliente solo

tornado guitar solo


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"Conversation" is now available from guitar9

José de Castro has released a new album: "Conversation" on 5th May 2006

Check ouf forum for audio and video

masterclass funk

masterclass slap

live with melindi

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Jose de Casto also known as Jopi was born in Madrid, Spain and has been playing guitar since the age of 10. He studied music theory and went on to join a number of rock bands before embarking on a professional music career workign in an orchestra and band whilst working as a professor music school.

He has worked on a number of CD's, the first instrumental album entitled Un Poco De Lo Mio (A bit of my own) was released and received excellent reviews from the Spanish music press.

For the last several years, Jopi has also worked playing live in TV programs and demonstration gigs for Heart Art Guitars.

In 2004, the guitarist’s second CD Music Guitar Box was released.

For a complete bio check out his web site and read his album reviews or some guitar licks.