Cyril Lepizzera: edge of the dark

Cyril Lepizzera has a new song called 'No escape from hell' from mhis upcoming release due in in 2008. The CD will be called 'Smile has the death'

Guitar demo on stage

fighting planes

finger training

Also you can check out his releases and buy his CD's online

buy "Servatis A Malificum "
1. The abyss
2. Another world
3. Servatis a malificum
4. Never...
5. Fields of memories
6. The revival
7. The sands of time
8. The everlasting ways
9. Black wIngs
10. Back to life

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Cyril lepizzera was inspired to play by listening to Carlos Santana. He was accepted to attend the Marseille conservatory of music to study classical guitar. He learned 5 years the music theory.

He was soon taken with the electric guitar bug and learned playing by listening to records by Dire Straits, Scorpions and Mike Oldfield. However in 1985, hei took Jazz lessons with Philipe Robert. He then heard Tony MacAlpine's "Edge of insanity" for the first time. From then on he learned from video lessons by Michael Angelo, Tony Macalpine, Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen. He has since studied with Cyril Achard.

Check out his web site for mp3 and a discography or check out the review and buy his CD Eternity
You can also check out his Chops from Hell exercises

He also has some video clip lessons