Filippo De Vecchi: guitar hero 81

Another new track from Filippo De Vecchi on musicistiweb this one called metal. sucks, I like this one which has a metal edge with some nice rock fusion overtones. Check it out! Also belated congratulations to Riccardo Solimena from musicistiweb on his recent wedding.

My YouTube woes continue...I found this with with google search, apologies to Filippo De Vecchi for missing this the first time around. I can now pick up video if it's tagged with terms like "guitar shred", "guitar fusion", "guitar tapping" if your posting please add appropriate tags...anyway this is a melodic impro on Gardenwall backing track.

NoMore improve

Seem like there's a bumper lot of video on YouTube tonight...I'll see how much I can post...Filippo De Vecchi, posts a couple of crackers.

Funky Shred improv

Take the time final solo

Tapping solo in Carole

Some nice improve from Filippo on Musicistiweb

Filippo De Vecchi has a small improv called "Maiden Voyage" on

Nice improvisation track on Musicistiweb

Also a link to his cover band

Old web site design

Nice duet with Dario Orlando on Musicistiweb

Nice duet with Cris Bertini on Musicistiweb

A bit late with the update on this one, but Filippo has added more music and video to his web site here

Check out the nice funky video for you.

A new mp3 is available from the musicisti web site.

Filippo started playing classical guitar to the age of 12 years and is self-taught. After a brief hiatus he started seriously studying guitar again under the tutorledge of Alexander Pasqual. Filippo focused on Heavy Metal,Rock and Funk and techniques like alternate picking, legato /sweep picking and tapping. He also concentrated on improvisation.

Filippo then then attended Lizard Music Academy, Padova. He took the opportunity to study with truthinshredding featured artist: Lelio Padovani and Alex Stornello, specialising in Rock-Fusion. He also attended lesson/clinics with the likes of Brett Garsed and Donato Begotti .

  • 1999 GangaGramma 9991 (Rock)
  • 2002 GangaGramma Live (Rock)
  • 2003 Dj Tumino Reality (R&B)
  • 2003 Orchestra The Cadets (Smooth)
  • 2004 Bramahan Demo (Rock)
To hear some recent material check out his web site or mp3s and videos on the musicistiweb web site.