Bruno Di Giorgi: shred from the temple of karnak

Another cool cover from Bruno

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Under a glass moon


Karnak - A Change Of Seasons

Bruno Di Giorgi was born 11 February 1985 in Catania, Italy. He moved to Albenga with his family taking guitar lessonf from the age of 5. By the time he was 13 he was teachinghimself guitar. n 2004 he enrolled to take a two year course, MCR (Master in guitar rock), with Donated Begotti. He has recently achieved a degree. During his training he attened seminars from Alessio Menconi, Andrea Braido, Gabor Lesko, Noble Peter, Claudius Bazzari, Bebo Ferra and Kiko Loureiro.


Tomaso Delfino (Keyboards)
Maurizio De Palo (Drums)
Gabriele Chiusano (Bass)
Davide Spalla (Vocals)

Sandro Torelli (Keyboards)

Marco Truini (Drums)
Gabriele Chiusano (Bass)
Marco Servetti (Vocals)
Marika Colasanto (Vocals)

Simone Piccolini (Keyboards)
Daniele Rauso (Drums)
Andrea Torello (Bass)
Daniele Baglietto (Vocals)

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