Thörbjorn Englund: longing for winter

It's been a couple of years since Thörbjorn Englund released the rocking Influences which stayed a good few months on my music player. Well Thörbjorn Englund is back again with his band Winterlong and guest like keyboard ace Misheria. Lion music says
Proving to be purveyors of some of the finest neo-classical Nordic Power Metal to have come out of Scandinavia in the 21st century, the band went through a series of line-up changes yet retained their own identifiable sound for their first 3 albums before changing track to a heavier style of metal for their fourth (and to date last) album ‘Metal/Technology’. “Longing For Winter” released on May 24th 2008 sees tracks compiled from the bands career and along with 4 previously unreleased tracks from the bands archives makes this an ideal starting point for anyone that has yet to sample the Winterlong sound.

Released May 24th 2008

Track Listing
01. Sky Travellers*
02. The Priest***
03. Northman**
04. Bloodshred***
05. Like Ships in the Night****
06. Nosferatu*
07. Wild Winter Nights**
08. And So We Remember****
09. Each Night We Die***
10. Twisting Your Tail**
11. The Hunter****
12. Retaliation**
13. Winterlong*
14. Judgement Day***
15. The Prediction of M. King Hubbert*****
16. Dragon Breath*****
17. The Heartland*****
18. Elements*****

Thorbjörn Englund - guitar (all tracks),bass, keyboard and vocals (5,8,11,15,17
Mikael Holm - vocals (2,3,7,9,10,12,14)
Stella Tormanoff - additional vocals (5,8)
Anders Johansson - drums (2,4)
Andreas Lill - drums (3,7)
Gerald Kloos - drums (16,18)
Leif Eriksson - drums (4,5,9,8,11,14,15,17)
Toni Erkkilä - drums (1,6,13)
Hussni Mörsare - 2nd guitar and vocals (1,6,13)
Erik Tornberg - bass (1,2, 4,6,9,13,14,)
Misheria - keyboard solos
Payre Kankaranta - guitar (4)