Tobias Hurwitz: zen guitar zone

Tobias Hurwitz gets the guitar player zen treatment becoming the guitar artist of the week.

Interestingly in the post Tobias says:
My latest releases, of which I am very proud, are the Zen Shred Zone CD,

which features cameos by fellow shredders Michael Angelo Batio and Mattias IA Eklundh, and The Total Rock Guitarist book/CD, which is available at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Guitar Center, etc.

Upcoming releases include Moonlight, the new Terry Gourley CD with me on lead guitar and the first ever guitar instructional graphic novel, which is called Shred Boot Camp. It features a CD of some of the fastest and wildest guitars ever recorded! This will capture the fullest shred I’m capable of - plus the same from super-shredders: Dave Martone, Michael Angelo Batio, Chris Ranier, Kurt Bell, and Glenn Riley! Watch for it in late 2008!

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