Catherine Delgadillo: abstractlogix artist of the month

Catherine Delgadillo is getting a lot of positive comments about here latest release, winning her the coveted abstractlogix artist of the month. You can also buy Paradise Swamp too!

More positive comments:

"Not only is her tone to die for, she has a command over the instrument that many strive to achieve." -

"She possesses a sound that owes a bit of gratitude to both Frank Gambale and Allan Holdsworth; nice and raw, edgy and melodic – she's a shredder but it never gets monotonous." - John Luciano,

"I am really glad to have discovered this fusion rock queen. If you like a more melodic and soulful DevaDip Santanesque-heart to your fusion that sings then grab this NOW!" -

"She has the songwriting ability as well as the chops but I love her songwriting style. I can tell her melody is the song, not just a riff over chords which is rare trait to find!" - Brev Sullivan (Miami based singer, songwriter/ guitarist and son of legendary Jazz multi-instrumentalist Ira Sullivan)

"Catherine is a superb guitar player, up there among the best jazz fusion / prog rock players I've heard." - Zack Urlocker,

"As a new female guitarist on the fusion front, Catherine Delgadillo's debut cd is an instrumental tour de force. Elements of Tribal Tech, Allan Holdsworth, and Brand X are evident throughout her cd." - Audiophile Imports