Luca Turilli: neoclassical guitar lessons

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Luca Turilli Neoclassical Revelation Guitar Course

Background sales pitch:
In order to give you the greatest possible experience, benefit and results as a student, I have established an important partnership with TOM HESS. Tom is a well known American guitar virtuoso and surely one of the best and most successful guitar teachers, coaches and mentors in the world today. The result of this new partnership is of great benefit to you.
Here are some of these benefits:
‘HYBRID LESSON’ PACKAGE – The top choice for every guitar player who desires to be ‘complete’. My Neoclassical Revelation Course is specifically dedicated to guitar players who want to specialize in my neoclassical style of guitar playing. For those of you who want to learn and develop all of the important aspects of guitar playing and become the most complete neoclassical guitar player possible, Tom and I have combined our unique expertise, experience and specialties and created an exclusive ‘Hybrid Lesson’ Package. This hybrid lesson package includes a wide variety of other important elements of guitar playing and musicianship such as: music theory, ear training, music composition, improvisation, rhythm guitar, phrasing, practicing advice and more. This special ‘Hybrid Lesson’ Package is the top choice for most of you.
THE USE OF A GLOBAL LANGUAGE: To enable students from all over the world to enjoy the great benefits of this course, I decided to use English as the language for the entire course and all communication involved. Since English is not my first language, the Tom Hess Music Corporation will guarantee a perfect translation of each lesson and all technical aspects of the exercises, maintaining 100% of my expressive intentions. In addition, these translations will be continuously cross-checked by myself which means that each of your exercises will be approved by me before reaching you.
YOUR CONSTANT RELATIONSHIP WITH ME: In times of touring, intense composing or album production, I may not be able to fully dedicate myself to this course. Tom Hess and his team will ensure that nothing will change for you. There won’t be delays in receiving your lessons, reading your lesson feedback and responding appropriately. But also and most importantly, Tom Hess and his team will be the ‘direct line’ between you and me. This is very important to me, because as a good teacher I always want to be there for you.