Alejandro Silva: power cuarteto live 2007 dvd


Alejandro Silva Power Cuarteto
Live 2007

Alejandro Silva Power Cuarteto (ASPC) is Chilean guitar-oriented instrumental rock quartet. Since 1999, the quartet has released four CDs and 2 DVDs. Live 2007 was recorded in Santiago after a successful tour promoting the band's latest studio work "Orden & Chaos". Two concerts in a row were captured on the same day, and the actual tracks included here were chosen from the best of both shows. The recorded audio is faithful to the band's true live performance. No overdubbing, post recorded tracks nor any extraneous sound samples in frums or strings were used.

What you'll see and hear happened that day.

Special DVD features include: 5.1 Surround Sound, Song Selection, Video Clip, Road Tour, Concert Leftovers. DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

The DVD includes the songs "Intro", "Caos", "Tesserac", "4+", "Janus+", "Lagarto", "Intro II", "Jakobshavn", "Prana" (Bass Solo), "Omicron", "NewChaos", "Diaspora", "Guitar Solo", "Supernova", "Spoken I", "Prostitucion", "Spoken II", "Neopangea", "80+" and "K2". Music DVD, 90 minutes