Fabrizio Chiruzzi: new awakening cd

Guitar9 says:
Fabrizio Chiruzzi's new project is called Revangel, and the 2008 album is entitled Awakening, a 64 minute instrumental industrial shred metal work - or simply, cybershred. The concept of the project was to choose a different approach within the world of guitar heroes, without the common cliches heard in the last two decades. Inspired by bands like Ministry, Rammstein, Annihilator and musicians such as Michael Angelo Batio, George Bellas and Greg Howe, Fabrizio created a high energy mix ranging from fast and furious tracks like "Bioraptor" and "Genoma" to commercial hits like "Supernova" and "Dehumanizing Box", with their techno sound. Additionally, you'll hear chill-out moods in the title track, as well as pure industrial noise tracks like "Tehom" and "Entro-py". Included is a cover version of Batio's "No Boundaries", featuring drummer Fabio Colella, and keyboard great Mistheria guesting on "Intruder".

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Track listing
01:45 Entro-py
05:01 Twilight Zone
06:33 Neural Shred Implants
06:30 Bioraptor
06:15 Awakening
06:39 Genoma
04:01 Supernova
06:40 Intruder
03:43 No Boundaries
06:07 Dehumanizing Box
04:56 Twilight Zone
06:33 Tehom