Mads Eriksen: return of the story teller

Mads Eriksen is back and in a big way. Some great videos posted highlighting his great song writing coupled with his excellent playing style lessons. His CD's have been a great favourite of mine.

Mads Eriksen plays one of his hits from the 90's, Storyteller.
Mads Eriksen: Storyteller

Mads Eriksen: Tropical Storm

Mads follows through with another lesson in hybrid picking. Exerpt from Tropical Storm.

Mads Eriksen: Tropical Storm hybrid picking pt. 3

Mads uses an exerpt from his Running Moonshine to illustrate how to do hybrid picking country-style.

Mads Eriksen: Running Moonshine Hybrid Picking countrystyle

Mads shows his way of mixing the hybrid picking technique with tapping. Exerpt from Tropical Storm.

Mads Eriksen lesson: Tropical Storm Hybrid Picking + Tapping