Mathias Holm: on shredding across the world volume 2

Shred Guy records says:
One of the joys working at Shredguy Records is receiving the many submissions from guitar players throughout world. Whether its hearing new players on the scene or rediscovering some of the more established players...every week we get tracks of intense shred guitar in its many forms. One guitar player who has recently stood out and will be on our upcoming cd SHREDDING ACROSS THE WORLD...VOLUME TWO is MATHIAS HOLM. Hailing from the land of Sweden, Mathias has a style that has a great sense of melody along with stellar chops. His influences are Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Uli Jon Roth, Joe Satriani, Mike Oldfield, and Steve Vai. The track on our upcoming cd is titled FLOW YOUR MIND and is sure to be a fan favorite. Mathias is joined by JON SKARE(of MINDSPLIT and LOCO MOTIVE) on drums and CONNY PAYNE(ex MADISON and ALIEN) on bass..the track was mixed by JONAS LIDSTROM and mastered by MAOR APPLEBAUM(who has mastered songs by YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, HALFORD, FIGHT, and THERION). Definitely a stellar effort by Mathias and company!!

Besides recording this song for our upcoming cd...Mathias is hard at work on his second solo cd. His first solo cd PICTURES OF A DREAM was released back in 1997. It was a constant best seller at and was released in Japan on the SHINSEIDO/SOUND TREASURES label. After recovering from some technical issues and getting his inspiration back...MATHIAS began working on many different projects starting in 2003 including MINDSPLIT, OSV PROJECT, and the FRANCIS SOTO BAND to name a few. A bried summary of these projects are as follows...

In MINDSPLIT, Mathias writes the music and plays the guitars as well as some keyboards and some bass.. MINDSPLIT will release their first album in 2009. The style of the music is Progressive Metal.

Mathias arranged and played guitars on six songs on the first album with OSV PROJECT. The album was released for about one year ago. Style: Progressive instrumental music.

And finally Mathias arranges and plays all the guitars with The FRANCIS SOTO BAND. His hope is to release their first album in the beginning of 2009. The style has been described as AOR and they already have lots of fans all over the world.

It is an honor to have this prolific guitar player and his stunning track on our upcoming cd. Fans of instrumental guitar are going to be blown away by MATHIAS HOLM and his song FLOW YOUR MIND. Look for Mathias and 14 other guitar players on our upcoming release SHREDDING ACROSS THE WORLD...VOLUME TWO....COMING SOON!