Mathias Holm: shredding across the world

Mathias Holm says:
I'm proud to announce that my song ”Flow your mind” has been picked for a release of an album from Shredguy Records. The album is called 'SHREDDING ACROSS THE WORLD...VOLUME TWO' and it will be released in January 2009.

For this release Jon Skäre has recorded drums on the song and Conny Payne has recorded new basses to it. Maor Appelbaum did the mastering job of the song (he has also mastered Yngwie Malmsteens latest album). The guys have all done an awesome work to make this song such good as I only could dream about earlier! I also want to give credits to Jonas Lidström who helped me with the mix!

I will write more about this release here on my blog later when the album has been released.

Buy “Shredding Across The World Volume 1” on Guitar9.

Please visit Shredguy Records and add them as a friend!

I wish you a great week and thanks for reading my blog!