Jose De Castro: live cd

A new CD from Jose De Castro.
Spanish guitarist Jose De Castro's Live was recorded on the 21st and 22nd of November 2007 at Rigoberta Menchu Theater, Leganes, Madrid. The double disc live set recalls some of the best of De Castro's music from his three studio albums, "Un Poco De Lo Mio", Music Guitar Box" and "Conversation". De Castro is joined on the all-instrumental set by Jose Vera on bass, Enzo Filippone on drums, and Alexis Hernandez on the Hammond. Sixteen tracks of instrumental brilliance that blends fusion and rock and aggressive, heart-pounding soloing into a nice package.

Jose De Castro Live (2CD)

=== DISC 2 ===
Atmosphere (4:31)
For You (4:39)
Pasos En Las Cuerdas/Train (7:22)
Conversation (4:51)
Hot Sounds (6:10)
When She Walks (5:21)
Tic, Tac, Time (7:24)
Entrando En La Noche (4:31)
=== DISC 2 ===

Pasion (5:33)M.K. (4:24)
The Crazy Chicken (3:36)
Lullaby (5:08)
Groovemania (5:42)
Thousand Words (6:31)
Dynamic Exhilarator (6:51)
Tornado Of Souls (5:24)