News: guitar idol to have live online voting for the final?!?!?!

Still to be confirmed:
Meanwhile, LIMS has gained another first - a live webcast from the show, organised by Licklibrary and following in the wake of last year's highly popular Guitar Idol event.

Licklibrary's plan for LIMS 2009 is to run streaming web video from the show, with live voting for the Guitar Idol event. Licklibrary and the MIA estimate that it could gain up to 160,000 unique 'viewers'.

To help finance the session, Licklibrary is looking for ten sponsors from among LIMS exhibitors who will contribute £450 each in return for which they will receive sponsor branding on the live webcast/voting page. Licklibrary will also carry the sponsors' banner ads in the Guitar Idol channel of for another month, where site visitors will be able to watch edits of the finalists.

Interested exhibitors should contact Licklibrary's Kim Waller on: 01708 757337

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