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ARTISTS PROGRAM at Théâtre rené-CHAR (
As always, this program seeks to address the practice of modern guitar through a panel of the widest possible musical styles.
Each concert, except that closing will be preceded by a first party, established under the "Challenge EJAMSLIVE" by amateur guitarists from all walks of life.
Part I: 21 pm; concerts to 21 h 30
Price: 5 € Concert, 15 € for 4, the concert is free of 11/07
You can book your tickets now by e-mail: giving your full contact details, payment by check only (validation of the booking upon receipt thereof). For any questions, feel free to call 04 92 30 87 10

• July 7: Pascal VIGNE with "TRIPLE FX" (Metal Fusion)

• July 8: Thomas BRESSEL (Heavy Metal Instrumental)

• July 9: Victor LAFUENTE (Fusion Instrumental Melodic)

• July 10: Underpaid (progressive fusion)


  1. My sister attended this concert and she told me that it was awesome! All the bands and acts who performed were very well, and they sounded good live. I wish I was there to catch it too.


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