Marko Oikarinen: human wheel cd released

Trusties plays modern progressive rock with a flavour of heavy metal and world music. Released in June 6th 2009, their latest CD ‘Human Wheel’ offers a 70-minute journey to the centre of humanity, and this is not always a nice trip. The greatness of mankind is seen through the eyes of a test subject, doomed to spin the wheel forever and watch the history repeat itself.

Lead guitarist Marko Oikarinen says:
"Unlike our all-acoustic debut album, this one is chock-full of electric guitar: three-octave quintuplet arpeggios, sensitive dynamic interludes, long 'Testament meets Tribal Tech' solo sections, backwards guitar parts, Zappaesque stuff... It will be great to get to play these songs live!"

Although more focused and band-oriented effort than its predecessor 'We just want to rule the world' (2003), ‘Human Wheel’ still draws its inspiration from a number of diverse genres and artists. The original acoustic trio has expanded into an electric five-piece, which has resulted in a unique mix of prog, metal, world music and fusion jazz. Melodic pyrotechnics get combined with naturally weird rhythms and majestic soundscapes.

But where are all the acoustic guitars, which pretty much defined their sound on their 1997 debut CD 'Growing Smaller'? Their sound may have changed, but high-quality song writing has always been the essence of Trusties, and what the whole thing is about.

The wheel is spinning … don’t lose your head!


1 Radiobeings
2 Autopilot
3 Free Fall
4 Rituals & Routines
5 Human Wheel
6 When Sense Meets Its Maker
7 Them Or Us
8 Djemoniee
9 Is This The Last Round?
10 You Can Only Lose
11 Endless Run
12 Reinvention of the Wheel