Michael Angelo Batio: get your name on his next CD!

1. Do you want to be listed in the "Thank You" section of MAB's new CD and DVD?
2. MAB is officially the longest running columnist in the history of Guitar World Magazine
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Do YOU want YOUR NAME in the THANK YOU section of Michael's new CD and DVD?
Michaels new DVD titled "Speed Lives 3, The Neo Classical Zone" is being finished now. It will be available very soon. MAB's new CD titled "Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices" featuring "Creed" Guitarist Mark Tremonti, "UFO" Guitarist Vinnie Moore and several other guest Artists will be available later this Summer. To be listed in the Thank You section of both releases go to the MAB Forum and post your name. IT'S THAT EASY! If you are not a member, no problem, IT'S FREE to JOIN! Below is a direct link to the MAB Forum.
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MAB Mach 7 Dble
Michael is now officially the longest running columnist in the history of Guitar World Magazine, the no. 1 guitar magazine in the USA.
Michael filmed 10 new installments of his hugely popular "Time to Burn" column for Guitar World Magazine on Thursday June 4th, 2009 in New York City. This officially makes Michael the longest running columnist in the history of the Magazine! Andy Aledort, again, directed and produced the segments. A special thanks to Brad Tolinski, Jeff Kitts, Andy Aledort and all of the staff at Guitar World Magazine for their continued support of Michael throughout his career. Michael's column appears both in the Magazine and on the CD-Rom each month. To view photos of the filming go to the Road Photos 2009section of our site.

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