Mike Casswell: lick library stand lims 2009

I would like to thank all the guys and gals on the Lick Library stand and particularly the very amiable and approachable Stuart Bull and the nameless video camera guy from Lick Library. Stuart Bull kept the stand buzzing by having live players, something sorely lacking on other main stands! It was particularly nice to hear Stuart Bull say it was OK for the guitar idol players to jam on the stand and strectch the 10 minute session to 15 minutes... ditto Robin Williams guitars who had a number of players on their stand too. I did miss one mega jam session, with Daniele Gottardo, George Marios and Hedras Ramos but I think Hedras Ramos senior caught that one. Expect more video over the next couple of days... first up a new player to me, but I understand has toured with the Brian May band.

Mike Caswell: lick library stand lims 2009 - part 1

Mike Caswell: lick library stand lims 2009 - part 2