Mike Chlasciak: no holds barred dvd

Blabbermouth posts:
Mike Chlasciak has issued the following update:

"In addition to my upcoming solo record, I have a special surprise to all the guitar players. Yep, you guessed it — I'm preparing my first guitar instructional DVD.

I'm excited about this. Well, I guess I do not need to state that the DVD will be about heavy metal — do I? Honestly, what else could it be? One piece of information that I can share with you all is that I have partnered with a well-known distributor to release a no-holds-barred DVD teaching all the metalheads specific things on the guitar — Metal Mike-style! More news soon.

"For those who can not wait, check out my guitar instructional books that are currently available at the MetalMikeArmoryStore.com.

"'Ridiculous Riffs For The Terrifying Guitarist': Awesome licks, trick, tips and ideas on metal soloing. Everything is explained right with theory. Including regular notation and tablature. Only $20.

"'Monster Coordination - Guitar Boot Camp': Killer work out manual to get you improving and on track. As a bonus, I answer many many questions I have been asked from students all over the world. Only $20."