Fumiyoshi Kamo: rising shred from the east

Another shredder from the East... I take my time to get around to posting these guys, so apologies. Here's his main web site: http://www.kamofumiyoshi.com/ also join him on MySapce and enjoy his music samples: http://www.myspace.com/kamofumiyoshi. Influences include:
Jay Graydon,Chaka Khan,Donald Fagen,Devid Foster,Michael Jackson,John Scofield,Jimi Hendrix,Tuck&Patti,Rage Against the Machine,Def Leppard,George Benson,Rodney Jerkins

Fumiyoshi Kamo - Shred Guitar

Fumiyoshi Kamo - Guitar Solo & Talk

Fumiyoshi Kamo - Fantasie Impromptu

Fumiyoshi Kamo - Guitar Solo