Marcel Jacob: jeff scott soto tribute

Jeff Scott Soto says: Marcel Jacob January 30, 1964 - July 21, 2009
It is with deep regret & remorse I, along with fellow members of Talisman, am announcing our brother, long time colleague & overall greatest musician we've ever played with, Marcel Jacob, is no longer with us as of today, Tue July 21, 2009. Marcel took his own life after many years of personal & health issues he was battling.

We were mere days from starting what would have been our 8th Talisman studio album together, celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the band. I spoke with him just yesterday about finalizing the details that would get us started only to get the news this afternoon that my friend merely gave up on it all.

I want him to be remembered as everything I have already mentioned above but more so, he helped influence so many musicians & songwriters. He was a quiet, gentle soul with a very intense passion for his craft. I have been associated with him since 1984 but it was when we started Talisman is when he truly became a brother, one of my dearest friends.

It is far too early to say anything now but I plan to organize a memorial for his legacy, although not known by the masses, the ones who do see him as the genius I know he was.

R.I.P. my friend, you will be sorely missed, you will be in my heart forever & I'll see you on the other side...I hope now you will get your dream & jam with Phil Lynott!!

Jeff Scott Soto

Tribute to Marcel Jacob from lexilyn on Vimeo.

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