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No other instrumental musical style has evolved quicker, or with greater sophistication, than electric rock guitar. The influence and progression from one generation to the next is clearly quantifiable in terms of tone, technique, harmony, composition and versatility. Years ago, if you had a grip on 1-4-5 progressions, pentatonic scales, a few bends and a couple of double-stops, you could gig or jam with pretty much anyone. Today however, rockers must have a big bag of theoretical, musical, physical and technical chops just to get by. And that's what Quantum Rock is all about - essential skill development for todays new generation of rock guitarist.

Contemporary rock guitarists are comfortable playing over changes, have solid command of right and left-hand techniques, can easily navigate the fretboard vertically and horizontally, are theoretically aware, possess strong improvisational skills and are adept at developing melodic ideas and rhythmic grooves. Need guidance in some or all of these areas? Dig deep into Trey Alexander's Quantum Rock!

Your Quantum Rock instructor is Trey Alexander, Guitar Hero 2006. Possessing all of the qualities generally associated with the modern day guitar hero and demonstrating them with a level of maturity far beyond his years, Trey is the type of musician who is destined to have a significant impact on the guitar community, says Greg Howe. Joe Satriani agrees that, well be hearing great things from him! Guitar Player editor Jude Gold raves about Treys astonishing focus, devotion, and versatility. Best of all for we students of Quantum Rock, Trey is a natural educator with potent communication skills.

Trey presents a range of modern rock arrangements designed to expose you to the variety of contemporary grooves, rhythmic patterns, techniques, phrasing and theoretical approaches that modern rock guitar players must have a grip on. Youll work through ballads, up-tempo power grooves, Latin-spiced rock and jazz-rock. Trey even walks you through the arrangement that blew the judges away and earned him the coveted Guitar Hero award.

You'll also learn Treys approach and subtle inflections for utilizing expressions such as legato, tapping, sweeping and harmonics as musical elements to serve the melody rather than distract from it. No pyrotechnical fancy tricks or mindless shredding here.

Quantum Rock is not for the weak of heart, nor is the course suitable for beginner or early intermediate players (check out Treys beginner rock course here). While the concepts are explained and demonstrated very clearly, you will spend serious time in the shed getting a grip on these techniques, skills and knowledge. Fear not though, Quantum Rock is a hands-on playing course no tedious theory, boring exercises or theoretical dribble. You will be rockin out from the very first lesson, and will quickly develop a raging addiction for your Quantum Rock practice sessions.

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