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Forget about methods–here are the principles that will take your music to the next level. In this book, eight world-class musicians share their experience with you. Whether you want to improve your practice, rethink your music, go pro or simply need some encouragement, let the masters tell you how they found their way–and how you can find yours.

Currently, most educational resources for musicians are collections of technical methods (mainly exercises and charts), which you are supposed to practice over and over till you get them right. While this information is valuable for acquiring technique, it's not enough by itself. Methods tell you WHAT you need to practice, but it's the principles that tell you HOW to practice. Furthemore, there are many core aspects that are rarely commented - such as how to find your own voice, adapt your playing to new styles, train your professional qualities, etc.

In other words, there are really few books which go beyond methods and actually give you principles that can help you rethink the way you play and make music. Principles that could be of great help to all of us.

Words of the Music Masters helps fill that gap. In this new book, eight of the world´s most accomplished musicians explain their principles and vision on topics such as technique and skill acquisition, jamming and improvising, becoming a professional musician and advice and motivation of the most fundamental nature.

Jazz guitar legend John Abercrombie, bass maestros John Clayton, Larry Grenadier and Michael Manring, Megadeth’s former bassist and founder David Ellefson, drum virtuoso Thomas Lang, and drum legends Chester Thompson and Lenny White – in Words of the Music Masters, all eight of them share their guiding principles with you, so that you can apply them immediately to your playing.

The book will be released on Friday, October 9. You can get the paperback, the ebook, and even the original audios of the actual interviews. Take a sneek peak at! Visit the Store


  1. Words Of The Music Masters - sounds like a must-have for any instrument player. Maybe it can light a fire under this beginner's...


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