Taka Minamino: anglewing CD release date announced


I finally finished final processes of cd and release on Nov in only Japan.
Happy to hear feedback from u guys!
Also, check out "Young Guitar Magazine" Dec. issue which my interview on.

Here is sum details for cd,
1. Divine Death (Music by Minamino, Borks)
2. Afterlife in the hell (Music by Minamino, Lyrics by Jones)
3. Violence breeds Violence(Music by Minamino)
4. Forever Love(Music by Minamino, Lyrics by Soto)
5. Angelwing(Music by Minamino)
6. Memories of you(Music by Minamino, Borks)
7. My Requiem(Music by Minamino, Borks)
8. Eye of tranquility(Music by Minamino, Borks)

Taka Minamino-All Guitar, Music, Arrangements, Mixed, Mastered and Produced.
Kevin Jones-Vocal, Lyrics for track 2
Jeff Scott Soto-Guest Vocal, Lyrics for track 4
Derek Sherinian-Keys solo for track 2,3
Rafael Borks-Keyboards, Music, Arrangements
Tony Franklin-Guest Bass for track 6.7
Kelly Simonz-Bass for track 2,3,4,5
Jeff Bowders-Drums for track 2,3,4,5