Dan Huff: Giant back in the saddle!

Brilliant news... I saw Giant the first time around... Dan Huff is an all round nice guy, great singer... and one helluva guitar player!

Frontiers Records has announced the return of US-based rockers GIANT, for the release of a brand new album in early 2010.


Giant’s debut album is still regarded nowadays as one of the highest points in melodic hard rock of the end of the eighties melting diverse influences such as VAN HALEN, JOURNEY and U2 to create an instantly recognizable sound. After countless tours and live performances in the US and Europe, the band recorded the follow up album Time to Burn in 1991. Slightly more aggressive than it's predecessor, but still magnificent in the production and songwriting departments. this album is also regarded as a main source of influence for many melodic and hard rock bands nowadays.

Soon after the release of Time To Burn, Alan Pasqua decided to quit the band and went back to session work. The band toured once again Europe and US without him, but soon after disbanded. Dann Huff then became one of the most respected producers of our era, working in the rock, pop and country music with countless artists including SHANIA TWAIN, MEGADETH, FAITH HILL and several others. His brother David also started to become more and more involved in the production business and thanks to a mutual friend he was introduced in 1999 to Frontiers Records managers Serafino Perugino and Mario de Riso. This eventually brought to a meeting in Chicago were the label proposed David to bring back the name and the music of such a great band. The III album was released in 2001 with major acclaim in the classic and melodic hard rock community.

However Dann’s busy schedule along with the other members’ commitments, made the reunion impossible to carry on. However the vision of bringing back Giant as a living band unit with a recording and touring line-up and with of course the possibility to carry on the enormous legacy of the music produced so far with the same quality was raised a few times in conversations between David Huff and Frontiers.


David Huff comments: “Yes, we have decided to move forward. But we’re not trying to replace Dann, because that could never be done. We have picked up where we left off and have added a great new flavor. We will always stay close to the original core of what Giant was: a melodic arena rock band based around guitar riffs. We will stay with the same principle of vocals too--great harmonies and melodies. Terry's vocal style is very complimentary to Giant’s core sound--he has tremendous feel (soul) and range along with power. John's guitar playing is very powerful too."

The band has completed the songwriting and according to David: “It feels good to be working on Giant again! In early April we had an incredible week with the new Giant lineup, we have some great new songs and we are working also on some ideas that have been taking dust on the shelf for years. Dann was part of our meeting and has co-written several songs which no doubt have his guitar flavors all over them. He was also very excited and he has agreed to appear in the album playing guitar on two songs”.

It is now possible to hear a sample from the first single, 'Promised Land', here, which will also be the title track of the forthcoming album, that will exclusively appear on the Rock The Bones Vol. 7 sampler that will be on sale from November 7th.

More song titles include: 'Our Love', 'Complicated Man', 'Two Worlds', 'Plenty Of Love', 'I’ll Wait For You' and more.
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