Inophis: Shanghaid in Shanghai!

Some great playing in these live demonstration videos... enjoy!
Inophis has begun to play guitar in 1995, he was 15. He is influenced by different musical styles, classical, rock, funk, metal, pop ect... He has played in some bands like Destroy Jam (grunge), Van Guard (hard-metal), Equinox (metal symphonic), Merzhin (celtic-festif rock ), In Memorium (black metal), Kevrenn Brest St Mark (experimental celtic ), Inophis (instrumental experimental guitar)...With some of this bands he has played in France, Romania, Japan, China, and has taken part in national radios and magazines, local TV, festivals... , In 2007 July, he has finished his first 10 songs instrumental solo demo (rock, funk, metal, ballade, pop-folk, rock-jazz, neo classical...) with the help of gag

Since 2008 he is endorcer for "Farida guitar" and he performed at the international music exhibition (Music Fair) of Beijing and Shanghai 2008 and 2009.

During 2009, summer, He composed the musi of the Movie "ABALAM" and play a Character too (2010/08/13).

After the Music Fair of Beijing 2009 He signed a contrat with the chinese society "Guitar China", the first foreigner which sign with them. His album, in China, in 2009-2010 coming soon.

Moonlight Sonata 3rd mvt Live - Shanghai Music Fair 2009 - Inophis

Life Fight - Shanghai Music Fair 2009 - Inophis live