Marco De Cave: matt rach compeititon and Quantum Guitar

Marco De Cave: Quantum Guitar

A complete method, logic, which proposes to exceed the physical limits of the instrument through enforcement techniques of modern design without neglecting the traditional harmonic-melodic and consolidated system, the deepening of permutations arising from interval scales primary and viewing it on your keyboard let you build seeking new solutions and sound, among others with the help of software that, if you wanted, it would also be able to go further ... Highly recommended for guitarists who are unafraid of the modern adventure!
- Nico Stufano

If you are among those who love the research, if you want to bring a high degree the knowledge of your keyboard, if you look for new solutions melody, in short if you are willing to engage seriously on the guitar, this book is for you. Cave De Marco, whose attitude of "scientific" I could appreciate several years ago, has done a great job in these pages, eviscerated the possibility of dislocation of scales and arpeggios, the latter in the form of two to seven sounds, expanding opportunities noise through the inversion of heights. The result is happy and music, supported by impeccable graphics that allows even non-readers to be able to enjoy. And 'that the validity of the project to deserve to be taken into consideration in its musical part, even by non-guitarists. Congratulations to Marco.
- Umberto Fiorentino

Marco De Cave called me to let me have this book and am very happy I agreed to write a comment on his work. First of all I remember Mark, in the years he studied with me, as someone very curious and intelligent with a passion for knowledge, every few years and in front of this impressive work not only confirms my idea but I make big congratulations to Mark for the depth with which he has addressed all the topics and the passion he has put in conceiving this work. A job certainly not for everyone but for guitarists who want to do an advanced search on your instrument, both melodic harmonica in this book are an infinite st
udy materials.
- Fabio Zeppetella

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