Adam Ironside: that was yesterday... 2

Jeff Scheetz: outside blues lessons

George Lynch: free lesson from

Chris Poland: OHMphrey love boat anyone?

Jorn Viggo Lofstad: pagans mind cancel us tour shows

Puguh Tri Wibowoa: more xhredder guitar

Rick Graham: insideout suhr demo

George Marios: sneak peak of tribute to john mayer

Adam Fulara: tapper directory

COMPETITION: Music Box jam track with cool prizes

News: all men are noobs and get pwned... extract 2 movie trailer

Martin Miller: suhr demo... must have sold his camera to pay for it ;)

News: Funk Sheet gear head blog

Ron Thal: i heart guitar interview

Steve Vai: dvd promo clip posted

Alex Hutchings: custom fusion series 2 coming soon

Jani Liimatainen: cains offering details

Elias Viljanen: sonata arctica flag in the ground

Steve Morse: and 6000 guitarists play Hey Joe to break the previous record

Matt Shelvock: shred this, the tapping lesson

Jad Diab: 150th Shred This entry reached

Adrian English: s u p e r - 7 - s h r e d d e r... N I N J A

Tommy Emmanuel: the mystery tab book