COMPETITION: Shred this! Top 5

Wilton Duraes: my top 5 shred this!

Adam Rogers: bring the funking fusion

Yngwie Malmsteen: pollstar interview

News: Memphis Guitar Center KOTB

Krisztian Lovrek: hungarica

Vinnie Moore: meltdown live

Mathieu Rach: another cool original

Simon Goldsmith: fingerstyle jazz... nice!

Brian Larkin: shred this, my top 5... plus some other cool players I liked!

Marcelo Barbosa: guitar lesson in Portuguese

Thiago Trinsi: taking guitar lesson

Paul Gilbert: metalsucks interview

Bruno Spring: the order licks of the month.

Craig Goldy, Doug Aldrich: dio swap over

Scott McGill: one take improv for blues jam tracks

César Zolhof: tribute to jason becker and marty friedman

Andy Wood: order the CD!

Alessandra Funaro: shred this my top 5!

Marcos De Ros: eternal life part 2