Tony Smotherman: bet you can't play this 3

Richie Kotzen: live Swindon The 12 Bar 13-10-2009

Boris Beceric: Milan's TRex monster competition

Volker Scheidt: melodic guitar guru 2!

Fredrik Präntare: tribute to Shawn Lane

t-cophony: twlight

Marcel Coenen: become the Sun Caged bass player!

Rob Chappers: Monkey Fest 2010 "The festival for guitarists"

Mike Philippov: sweep picking lesson

Theodore Ziras: harmonic minor lesson I

Zakk Wylde: tna wrestling!

Akira Takasaki,Chris Broderick: megadeth jam

News: blabbermouth back?

News: the real reason for truth in shredding

Tom Walker: Milan's TRex monster competition

Luigi Rinaldi: Milan's TRex monster competition

Rob Balducci: violet horizon lessons III

Mateus Starling: improv in rio!

Alex Hutchings: hits the gas with some beef dampling!

Daniel Realpe: b minor improv

Alex Berserker: bobby crispy competition

COMPETITION: Bobby Crispy guitar playing competition

Michael Angelo Batio: 2 new product releases