Rob Balducci: violet horizon lessons III

Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week. In this LOTW I am talking about and playing a bit of my song Float ( I Remember...) from my CD Violet Horizon. This song is a very ambient tune. It was recorded using two different amps, both on clean sounds and I was using different delay and chorus setting on each amp for the track off the CD etc... I had a little bit of an idea of what I wanted to do but it was basically improvised. We also added a keyboard track as well on the recording. We did two takes and I choose the one that is on my CD Violet Horizon. In this demo of the tune, I am using my Ibanez RGA LAC guitar and going into my Cornford MK5011 head and using a Maxon ad 999 pro delay and an Ernie Ball volume pedal.

The name of the tune and the inspiration behind the tune is a very personal one. I have diabetes and I have it since I am 11 years old. When you have Diabetes you sometimes have what is called a diabetic reaction in where your blood sugar goes to low and at times you can pass out or sort of get really out of it as though you feel kind of like you are in a weird space. When you are in this state the people around you are worried and trying to help you and sometimes things can get crazy... but even though I may seem really out of it and people think that I do not hear them or see them, I do. It sort of feels like you are Floating in space or something. I do remember what was going on when I come out of it, hence the title Float ( I remember...)
This demo does not do the tune justice... Please check out the recorded version on my CD Violet Horizon.


10/20/09 Lick Of The Week Track #9 Float ( I Remember ...) from Violet Horizon