Mathias Holm: Dream Catcher...

Mathias Holm:
Hey mates folks and readers!
Quite a while since I wrote something here on my blogg... Well anyway there have been much in my life lately so I haven't had the time for it...

The song which I now have uploaded to my profile is my last song for the album and it will be the title song for the album Dream Catch. I think this song shows all my styles in one piece. If you listen to it I guess you can hear almost all of my influences in it. From songwriting to guitarplaying. Mike oldfield to Al Di Meola. This is not the ending mix of the song so it will maybe sound a bit different on the album later.

A question to you:
I could say the song is in three pieces, which piece of it do you like the most?
If you would like to see me play the solo of it you can watch it on my page or on youtube.

Mathias Holm - Dream Catch - 2009 demo