Michael Abdow: Native Alien new CD available

Shredguy Records presents the debut CD from Michael Abdow, titled Native Alien. Dubbed the "melodic shred master" by Shredguy Records president Mike McDowell, Abdow has been sharpening his skills with the heavy metal band Frozen, and is now ready to be introduced to the guitar community as one of its most melodic players. This release also features the excellent drumming of MI-grad Mike Lamagna and Colin Conway of Frozen. All live drums on this release. Abdow's approach to music reflects his philosophy that creating art in sound remains the most un-obscured form of active self-expression. Although he respectfully embraces traditional guitar playing, Michael is always composing in a creative bubble with the intent of playing the instrument in the most originally meaningful ways possible. buy

Michael Abdow - Native Alien (CD)
House Of Shimti (5:30)
Savage Garden (4:02)
Eurasia (3:36)
Tell Me Why (3:40)
Bleeding Day (5:17)
Monologue 44:44 (3:45)
Truth And Consequence (4:13)
Tat Tvam Asi (Live) (3:19)
Redemption '04 (3:30)

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