Misha Mansoor: Atomic MB-50 Poweramp with the Fractal AxeFx Ultra

Jake and I decided to do a little video demoing some sounds and old/new Periphery riffs on an AxeFx Ultra going through this awesome new tube poweramp made by Atomic. We were getting such sweet sounds with this setup that we are all going to be switching to AxeFx for our live rigs!

The MB-50 a very compact 50 watt mono poweramp that runs on a pair of 6L6 tubes, and it weighs only 15 lbs!!

Jake and I are both using our brand new Ibanez RGA420z guitars with a Dimarzio Crunchlab/Liquifire set of pickups, both tuned to CGCFAD and strung up with 10-56 gauge SIT strings.
Jake is also using his Ibanez S7420FM with a Dimarzio X2N7 in the bridge and that is tuned BbDbAbDbGbBbEb and is strung up with 10-64 gauge SIT strings.

Bulb and Jake Demoing the Atomic MB-50 Poweramp with the Fractal AxeFx Ultra!