Diego Budicin: lizard star comes to USA

Born in Turin, 26 August 1990. Start to playing guitar at 8 y.o.
2004: First public show in Pianezza (Turin) playing some Iron Maiden covers.
2005: Studying with Max Arminchiardi - my first serious "shredder teacher" and friend.
2006: January - I won the "Orchestra del domani" italian guitar selection in a guitar duel live show on Rai 1.
2006: May - Another TV show where I'm playing with all other "orchestra guys"; the orchestra is managed by Master P.Caruso.
2006: August - I'm starting learning experience with Tony De Gruttola - my second "shredder teacher", one of the best guitar teachers of "Centro Professione Musica" Milan.
2007: January - Diego's first composition: "Sonority Pt.2"
2007: June - Live show in a jazz club, thanks to Connessionegratuita Association;
2008: January - It's "Thinking of Chopin" time, a new cool sound I'm looking for.
First up an original composition written, performed and played by Diego Budicin during a professional recording session at "Lizard Accademy".

Thinking of Chopin-(Composed by Diego Budicin)

Guthrie Govan-Fives by Diego Budicin

Jump Start (Greg Howe)-by Diego Budicin

Diego's american experience.


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