Garrett Peters: Tribute to Matias Kupiainen - Deep Unknown

Guitarist: Matias Kupiainen
Album: Polaris
Tuning: 1/2 step down (E flat)

This is a great solo. I am definitely influenced by this guy. He is the new guitarist for Stratovarius and man does he gives Timo a run for his money (still love Timo). He has a very interesting take on the guitar and it was really inspiring for me to learn this... and to actually accomplish it. lol.

You may have noticed the "Ex-4,6,7" in the bottom right of the video. I learned this song through a video lesson from Matias himself through a magazine called Young Guitar. The material is kinda hard to find so I made a new channel called GarrettJPeters2 which will feature videos from the magazine. Including the lesson for this song and more!

Also, Matias has his own channel (which is where I first heard him), check out his page for more videos of him shredding.


Stratovarius - Deep Unknown Solo Cover (Garrett Peters)