Joe Pinnavaia: breakerbox

Joe Pinnavaia:
Hello everyone! It's been a while so I thought I would give you all a quick update. Things have been busy since the birth of my son Rio but I have managed to finish two more tracks for the 2nd "Rhino" record that will be titled "Fragile X." Two of the 4 tracks so far have been released for preview - "Night at the Carnival" and "Enki, Enlil and the Garden of E.Din." The next two tracks "Jacob's Ladder" and "Ascension in the Desert" have been completed and mixed. I'm always excited to share new music so I'll either do an album teaser or make them a full preview for a limited time for all of the fans!

"Ascension in the Desert" will be available on a compilation CD due out this year featuring artists from all over the world - China, Greece, UK,and of course the States - in printed CD's 10,000 strong! I'll keep you all in the loop on how to get this record when it's available.

I'm still looking at the possibility of a "one man show" with a live Test Tube Rhino set but we'll see what comes of that. Also a live guitar duo is going well with fellow Buffalo based guitarist Vincent Mastrantonio (Vincent James Explosion) and should be ready before July for shows!

Also BREAKERBOX has released their first video of the single "Nobody Gets Me."

Breakerbox- Nobody Gets Me- Official Music Video

“Test Tube Rhino is a killer project made up of killer tracks, killer writing and playing. Creative, diverse, interesting and gripping are all words I would use to describe this music”. "  Tom Hess, Tom Hess Music Corporation

"...very reminiscent of a certain Mr Fripp and his adventurous freedom of note choice and relaxed approach do call to mind Joe Satriani – all simmeringly quite cosily together in the sort of controlled sonic gumbo that needs a little spice…..which of course he adds in the form of some blazing modern techno-fetish lines."  Dave Thompson,

"As a one-man project, Test Tube Rhino could suffer from a lack of diversity – but it doesn’t. Understated numbers like “I’m Not Doing Anything to Feel Sorry” shows Joey P. has a deft touch with supple lead guitar figures. "  Christopher J. Kelter, Rough