Zot Malakhov: young acoustic champion

Zot Malakhov -- composer, performer (Classical, acoustic guitar) To play the classical guitar begins from 7 years. From 9 to 19 years intensively raised the level of playing the guitar at the best guitarists of the world. Took part and began the Winner of the 1st premiums of prestigious international competitions and festivals of Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Germany and the USA.
In August, 2005 in Hollywood, California, the USA, at « the World Championship of performing kinds of arts », became the owner of 3 gold medals: in a classical, modern and original genre, in a semifinal has received a rank « the Absolute Champion of a tool genre ». In the FINAL became the owner of the highest title of Olympiad - « Grand Champion - the Instrumentalist ».
In 2006 has protected the first-class degree with distinction about the graduating from the Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts (conservatory) with appropriate the rank of « the Giving concerts guitarist », "Artist".

HOLLYWOOD - FINAL ( WORLD STARS) California, Los Angeles - 2005

Russian seven-stringed guitar M. Visotsky.(15 years)

Roland Dyens - Fuoco (Libra Sonatine) Jurmala-2005, Latvia

"Little Detective"-V. Kozlov Jurmala-2005, Latvia.