News: Guitar Hanger from Red Musical Accessories


Red Musical Accessories, a manufacturer of high end musical accessories, today introduced the Gauntlet hanger, a new guitar hanger aimed at giving musicians and musical retailers a hanger option with a more sophisticated design and a higher quality construction.

The Gauntlet hanger combines a completely unique design, solid maple construction, triple urethane coated finish, invisible keyhole slot hanging, and suede neck padding to create a hanger unlike anything available. The product will be of tremendous value to help showcase your favorite guitars, in a way that matches their quality and look.

“This unique product is far superior to anything in the market place,” said Chris Boot, the President of Red Musical Accessories. “The response from consumers and retailers has been fantastic, word is travelling fast and we are expecting excellent sales in the coming year.”

Every hanger is manufactured in Canada using sustainably harvested maple and boasts a carbon negative footprint. Suede was chosen as a padding material because it is both aesthetically pleasing, prevents scratching the same as foam but is many times more resilient and
consequently weight of the guitar won’t deteriorate it. The invisible keyhole slot hanging, utilizes dual keyhole slots on the reverse side of the hanger so when the hanger is mounted, there are no visible screws.  Specs

Red Musical Accessories, based in Port Hope, Ontario, was founded in 2010. By working with sustainable organizations and the government of Ontario, the company has achieved a carbon negative footprint and now offsets more carbon that it releases. Red is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality guitar accessories possible; using the best materials and strict standards they ensure they put out the best product possible, sacrificing nothing in form. Red has plans to expand into other areas of musical accessories, cases for guitar and other accessories.


  1. This is kind of cool

  2. I thought it looked cool, too, but BEWARE. I ordered two in black and paid with Paypal. 2 months later, I've received nothing. I've emailed the company and have received no response. I've filed a dispute with Paypal's Resolution Center, but, unfortunately, it's been longer than 45 days since I gave Red Musical Accessories my money, so Paypal won't help.


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